SwTPc 6800 Documentation Notebook

Yup, it's the legendary SWTPC Gold Notebook.

This one came out of a 6800/2 kit, which looks to have never even been unpacked. So I believe it is in exactly the same shape as when shipped from the factory. With that in mind, I am hoping to disturb it as little as possible, at least until I decide to build it. :-)

This list may contain inaccuracies; at the time I scribbled it down, I was not intending to make a web page from it. Schedule-willing, I will someday double-check this and correct its mistakes.

The front pocket contains five stapled packets of paper, each of only a few (less than ten?) pages:

There are four 3-ring-punched things clipped into the three rings. Three of them are basically softcover books, and one is just a data sheet.

A fairly large bundle of papers was held together in a loop of string, with five manilla tabbed separators dividing the pile into six sections.

In the back pocket are two more items:
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