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The SwTPC computers were all based on the SS-50 bus and Motorola microprocessors. There were three basic models, the original "6800" system, followed by the "6809", and later by the "S/09". I admit to some confusion over model numbers, as I have run across far more model numbers than variations in machines. I think that one variation on the S/09 was called the 69/A or 69/K ("A" for "Assembled" and "K" for "Kit"); another (perhaps with hardware memory protection?) was called the S+/ . A variety of peripherals and software was available, both from SwTPC and from third parties.

SwTPC also manufactured video terminals. The earliest predates even the 6800, and was called a "television typewriter". At some point, this seems to have become their CT-64 terminal. With 16 lines of 64 characters each, it was small by today's standards. Later on they introduced their CT-82 terminal, which had the more usual 24 by 80 screen, and a very elaborate set of control sequences.

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