Daniel E. Meyer

Born 2-6-32 - New Braunfels Texas. He grew up in San Marcos Texas from around 6 years old. He received his BS in Math and Physics in 1957 from Southwest Texas State university, and then moved to San Antonio and started working for Southwest Research.

Married Helen L. Wentz on 6-1-57. Worked for Southwest Research from 1957 through 1963. Started SWTPc in 1963 under the name DEMCO (Daniel E. Meyer Company <- his sense of humor). Incorporated sometime around 1966 or 1967 to SWTPc (Southwest Technical Products Corporation). Within a year of starting the company in 1963 he was able to leave Southwest Research and support himself and his family (first son Greg was born in February of 1963). DEMCO was started in the garage and Daniel would write articles for Popular Electronics about various kits he designed. Most of these kits were audio kits (amplifiers, pre amps, etc.). He would sell a printed circuit board with parts and instructions from these articles. I still have a box of these original Popular Electronic magazines.

He was very active in education. In the early 80's he provided 6809-based multi-user systems at a discount to various local high schools. Also he is remembered at the Institute of Texan Cultures for donations and years of help. He enjoyed travel and was a charter member of the Witte Museum's "Camel Corp.", a group that took trips to information/historic areas.

He passed away on Saturday, May 16th, 1998. He is survived by wife Helen and three children.

Many thanks to his son David for the above information.

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