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Subject:      Re: FLEX anybody? UniFLEX'09 Rises Again !
From:         "K.R. Lewis" <>
Date:         1996/12/21
Message-ID:   <>
Newsgroups:   comp.sys.m6809
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J. Chris Hausler wrote:
> James Youngman <> writes:
> >       Anybody used the m6809 operating system FLEX?
> >
> >(For that matterm anybody know where I can get a databook for a WD1771 diskette
> >controller chip?)
> I am.  Both on the 6809 and the 6800.  I just re awoke my SS-50 6800
> frame so to be able to burn 2708 EPROMS (Thanks to several people on
> this newsgroup who provided materials and information!!).  Before that I
> was more or less regularly using the 6809 system.  There was a rumor here
> several months ago that the sources for 6800/6809 FLEX were either available
> or becoming available shortly.  Anyone heard anymore.  One of the reasons

Yes!     A few months ago I placed the entire UniFLEX Source Code
         on our Web Server but the ISP we were using sold their
         to a competitor. We were forced to move our main business Web
         onto another ISP's machine.

         Shortly, we will again place the "Lost UniFLEX Archives' back
         WebSpace for everyone to enjoy.

	 Randy Lewis, RTMX Inc.

 modified.  Anyway, I don't know how one would get a "legal" copy today.

Soon!    Stay tuned to this newsgroup...I'll let everyone know.

> I can't believe there is any money to be made in the FLEX market today and
> I believe TSC is long gone but I don't know if anyone still holds the
> copywrite to FLEX.  If someone does it would be nice if they would put
> it in the public domain.  

The Copyright ownership was transfered to an "investor" [sic] who
leverage TSC
from the only remaining active partner. After about 11 months...that
decided that "....there wasn't enough cash flow or profit to justify
and so he announced "...the company is for sale..."

Needless to say, no one bought into the new company and some of us
employees (who should have gone out and found real jobs!) negotiate a
Agreement" with that "investor." 

The short version of the story is: 

We sold UniFLEX O/S versions for about two years
while we ported a BSD derivative to several platforms. Eventually, all
of our
UniFLEX customers went away, or licensed the new system design. UniFLEX
and then went dormant just over three years ago. Our 'Agreement' expired
last year.
The "investor" has since lost (by not renewing) the Copyright...and we
have all the
sources and configuration information. My ex-partner was the 'key'
engineer behind
UniFLEX, but he quit over three years ago and has since found a job in
the Boston
area (actually his second job there.) be VERY clear... We are ONLY putting up the 6809 UniFLEX
archives. When
all of the above was occuring...there was NO 6809 activity or income in
any way.
The status of 68K UniFLEX is unclear for now, but the 6809 version was
abandoned by the original holder(s) and, to my knowledge - so was the
FLEX stuff.
Regrettably - we cannot find ANY of the FLEX sources....only the FLEX
for UniFLEX
package.  Perhaps it will suffice....

Again, stay tuned....we WILL post this location of the new Web Page when
up and running.

Randy Lewis, RTMX, inc.

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