The Search

There is one interesting(?) bit to how I found this info. I currently live in the town that TSC once called home: Chapel Hill, NC; not two miles from their former address. So I popped in at our Chamber of Commerce to ask if they would have records of TSC's demise; they wouldn't. They gave me some hints about asking the owner of that office-building, contacting county offices, and so on. I asked around at the library for information on copyrights, and got the phone number for the archive department in another library. Then I did a web-search, sent one piece of e-mail, and within two days had the answer in my mailbox.

That was about a week ago. Today I thought to look back at the news-articles announcing "the missing UniFLEX archive", and found the whole story there on the web.

The moral of the story: easy things can be hard if you aren't careful. (Or: think before you search).
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