Pictures from the Bottom...

For more mechanically oriented pictures see the Stock Vehicles Comparison page.

It does say "Tempest"

Pitman arm
steering linkage/stablizer
Panhard Rod
anti-roll bar

Front coil over shock
Brake lines
ABS/TC sensor lines

Fully-boxed seam-welded frame rail
Drum emergency brake

Rear shock and trailing arm mounts

The Watts linkage locates the rear axle laterally and ensures strictly-vertical motion. Beside "S" symbol is the center pivot of the center section. Notice the tower welded to the the axel to which the center section is attached. The left and right most end of the linkage attach to brackets handing from the rails of the chasis. 

Also, notice that everything's neatly tucked inside the chasis.

Transmission, etc.

Transfer case, etc.

Trailing arm mount on the rear axle.

Transfer case output to front axle uses a CV joint of double-u-joint type.