Real-time Relativistic Rendering (Special Relativity)

Isn't It Exciting To See Einstein's Face Twisted By His Own Theory!

This page is under construction. More physics is coming soon!

The Einstein Boulevard seen by a static viewer. The program is written in Iris Performer by subclassing pfGeoSet and pfGeode to make geometry aware of speed. Geometry is warpped in realtime to generate relativistic effects.

Screen snapshots of views when you're traveling really fast. Color shift is turned off so that you get a clearer view of geometry deformation. The corresponding speed for each snapshot is shown under the picture.

0.99c 0.99c 0.997c 0.997c
0.997c 0.998c 0.998c 0.998c

Snapshots with color shift (Doppler Effects) turned on. According to Doppler's formula, you get blue shift for approaching objects and red shift for departing ones. Notice the transition area between red and blue!

0.99c 0.996c 0.996c 0.996c
0.996c 0.998c 0.998c

The code is not in a releasable state. The work is my final project for COMP 239 (Exploring the Virtual World) Spring 1995. It has never been touched again since the end of the semester. If there's enough interest around I may pick it up again and do some clear-up.

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