Introduction to Programming

UNC-CH COMP 110-001 (Summer II, 2008)


Lecture: MTWRF 9:45AM - 11:15AM
Sitterson Hall 011
Instructor: Liang-Jun Zhang, zlj #








Course Schedules


       Jul 22: Recitations

1.    Java Basics

2.    Branch

3.    Loop

4.    Method

5.    Class

       Jul 21: Sample programs



3. 467343.txt





8.    Clock

       Jul 2

1. Compute the sum of 1, 2, ´ N

2. Compute the average of a set of positive integers, ending with the integer -999

       Jun 30: The programs for the second recitation are posted.


       Jun 28: The program is posted.

       Jun 25: The programs for the first recitation are posted.





       Jun 20: HW2 is posted in the blackboard. It will be due by Mon, Jun 23.

       Jun 20: Every student needs to install the JDK 6 and jGrasp and test that they are working on your laptop before Monday¨s lecture. Come to the extra office hours this afternoon if you have any question. Here is the link to how to install and test JDK 6 and jGrasp.

       Jun 20: Extra office hours 1-3PM, Friday, Jun 20, Sitterson Hall 019

       Jun 19: Check out the course schedule for the writing and reading assignments

       Jun 19: Install the softwares JDK 6 (select 6 Update 6) and jGrasp (Select 1.8.6_08) and bring your laptop for Friday¨s course

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General Information


You will need a UNC Onyen account for this course. If you are enrolled and have a UNC PID, visit the UNC Onyen site to create an account.

Honor Code

Please read, sign and return to me the HonorCode sheet I handed out on the first day of class. You can turn it in as late as Wed. Jan 17 in class.


Put signed pledge on any assignment
Submit your assignments using Blackboard


Acknowledgment: Some of the materials are variously borrowed from previous instructors of Comp 110.