Install JDK


  1. Go to website, select JDK 6 Update 6 and download
  2. Save the link: jdk-6u6-windows-i586-p.exe; don’t click the button: “Download Selected with Sun Download Manager”; Rather save it by right clicking jdk-6u6-windows-i586-p.exe;


  1. Following the installation instruction


·        In default, the JDK will be installed at: C:\Program Files\Java if you are using Windows Platform.  

·        If there is a folder jdk1.6.0_06, the full version of JDK has been installed. You should be ready for programming.

·        If there is only a folder jre1.6.0_06, which means you only install the Java Running Environment package. This is not same as the full version that our class requires. You still need install the full version.


Install jGrasp

This should be easy and no student has reported any issue with the installation of jGrasp.



You need to test you have installed JDK and jGrasp correctly. Here is the guideline for testing:

·        Download HelloJava.cpp

·        Open HelloJava.cpp using jGrasp software

·        Click Menu-> Build -> Compile, it should report: ----jGRASP: operation complete.

·        Click Menu-> Build -> Run, it should report: Great. This is my first Java Program!