Visualization in the Sciences Schedule, Spring 2014

The schedule is subject to change, especially the lectures more than a week in the future.

Date Reading Homework Lecture
Thu Jan 9 N/A   Introduction, initial reading assignments
Tue Jan 14 Skim K&K Multiform Visualization (2+ ways of showing same thing), 147-158, Practical Scientific Visualization Examples Be sure you are on the mailing list Motivation and Toolkits, "The Main Thing"
Thu Jan 16 Ware Ch1: Foundation for a Science of Data Visualization; Study 20-23, 25-27.   Visualization and data characteristics, Props
Tue Jan 21 Ware Ch2: The Environment, Optics, Resolution, and the Display; Skim 43-47. Study 35-42, 49-61, 64-65.   "To the Pain", Interviewing a client
Thu Jan 23

Getting Started with visualization tools web page, ParaView User's Guide (Skim 5-7, read tutorials for HW0).

Ware Ch3: Light, Brightness, Contrast, and Constancy; Study 69-94.

HW0: Getting ParaView. Install the software, go through the tutorial. Upload to the Blog.

Trichromacy, Color Spaces, Properties of Color, Application

Tue Jan 28 Ware Ch4: Color; Skim 98-107, 118-122, 135-138. Study 97, 108, 111-113, 122-133. Skim K&K 2D Data.   2D Scalar: Color, Contour, Height, Glyphs, Textures
Thu Jan 30 Skim Rainbow Color Map (Still) Considered Harmful. (Access to PDF available from UNC campus network.)   Receptive fields, brightness illusions, simultaneous contrast, constancy, Rendering
Tue Feb 4 Ware Ch5 part1: Information That Pops Out; Study 141-146. Read 147-149. Study 150-177. Ware Ch11, Study 376-381. Read 397-422. Skim the rest.   Preattentive: Information that pops out. Elin o'Hara Slavick: How to do a critique.
Thu Feb 6 Read Brief article on Volumetric Depth Peeling. If interested, look at the Longer article on Volumetric Depth Peeling. HW1: Import, view, and design for 2D data.

3D Scalar: Direct volume rendering, Isosurfaces, Glyphs

Tue Feb 11     In-class presentation and critique of 2D homework. (Plus in-class design.)
Thu Feb 13 Ware Ch6: Static and Moving Patterns; Study 181-230. Skim 231-237. Skim K&K Motion. Read Laidlaw vector-field techniques user study. (If interested, see State of the Art in Flow Visualization: Dense and Texture-Based Methods.) (If interested, see State of the Art in Flow Visualisation: Feature Extraction and Tracking.)

(HW2 delayed due to snow)

[Snow day]
Tue Feb 18

Skim K&K Volume. Skim K&K Surface and Slice. (If interested, look at Ambient Occlusion Opacity Mapping.)

  Vector: Particle Systems, Streamlines, streaklines, rakes, ribbons, timelines, glyphs (and tufts), textures, color
Thu Feb 20 Skim K&K Multivariate, 2002 Visualization Viewpoints article HW2: Import, view, and design for volumetric data. Multivariate: Discrete data, Integral/separable, Glyphs, Crawfis, Laidlaw, Spot noise, DDS, Slivers, Problem reduction techniques
Tue Feb 25 Skim 30 Years of Multidimensional Multivariate Visualization. Skim A Grid with a View: Optimal Texturing for Perception of Layered Surface Shape. Import, view, and design for vector data (in class, not HW) In-class presentation and critique of vector homework. (Plus in-class design.)
Thu Feb 27 Ware Ch5 part2: Glyphs and multidimensional display. Study 162-172. HW4: Import, view, and design for Gene data. Tensor: Glyphs, surfaces, texture
Tue Mar 4     In-class presentation and critique of Gene homework. (Plus in-class design.)
Thu Mar 6 Study User Studies: Why, How, and When? Read Ware Appendix C. HW5: Import, view, and design for climate data Evaluation
Tue Mar 11 N/A

Spring Break

Thu Mar 13 N/A Spring Break  
Tue Mar 18     In-class presentation and critique of climate homework. (Plus in-class team time.)
Thu Mar 20 Skim VTK file format document, Read ImageSurfer paper (resulted from a final project in the course).   Visualization system design examples. In-class designs for real scientist data
Tue Mar 25 A Next Step: Visualizing Errors and Uncertainty; Skim K&K Animation, K&K Time. Read Ware 181-192, 211-213, 221-237; Skim 213-220.   Perceived Contours, Patterns, Uncertainty
Thu Mar 27 Skim Ware Ch7: Space Perception. Read Ware Ch8: Visual Objects and Data Objects; Skim 303-324. Skim K&K Comparisons and Relationships. Project: Initial Goals, Design and Evaluation Plan. Surface shape, texture; Depth cues, including stereo and combinations
Tue Apr 1     In-class presentation and critique for projects 2 and 5
Thu Apr 3


  In-class presentation and critique for projects 4 and 1
Tue Apr 8 Read Ware 367-373; Skim 396-422. Skim Tamara Munzer book chapter on visualization. Skim After the Storm: Considerations for Information Visualization   Information visualization, Tufte
Thu Apr 10     Visualization lab tour: MEET IN Sitterson 264.
Tue Apr 15 IEEE Visualization '97 paper on usefulness of vis in nM   Custom applications for nanoscale science (CNT from SEM, AFM, TEM; visualization interfaces)
Thu Apr 17 Ware Ch6: Static and Moving Patterns (Read 193-198, skip the rest), Skim Laws of Attraction paper.   Bioinformatics
Tue Apr 22 Skim Chris Johnson, Top Scientific Visualization Research Problems.   Presentation of Final Projects for 1 and 4
Thu Apr 24 Skim Al Globus, Fourteen Ways to Say Nothing with Scientific Visualization.   Presentation of Final Projects for 5 and 2
Tue Apr 29 N/A Project write-up due Final Project write-up due, 7pm