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2004 Degree Recipients

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2004 Computer Science Commencement

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2004 Computer Science Commencement
Degree Recipients


Bachelor of Science

December 2003
Matthew Ryan McCallus, Jameson Miller, Hiu Ling Wong*, In Hyuk Lee.

May 2004
John William Bartelme Jr.*, James Anthony Boccardo**, Anthony Scott Buscemi, Elango Cheran**, Douglas Maguire Daniell, Kathleen Ann Delker, Meghan Danielle Dickenson**, Nicole Natasha Duggins, Patrick Michael Dwyer, Jack Louis Enloe, Amy Rae Fox, Brian Elliott Foxx, Brandon David Ganch*, Christopher Figueroa George, Oliver Harris Gray, Robert Heimir Helgason, Jasen Warren Hoover, David James Jack, Paul Jerome Kamen, Steven Y. Kim, Brian Jay Kronengold, Anil P. Kumar**, John Edward Madsen III*, Sunil S. Nagaraj*, Chintan A. Patel, Paul Raffaele Perello, Patrick Jacob Quirk, Joshua Michael Rothenberg, Michael Steven Schmidt, Joseph Louis Sedito**, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Ryan Gilbert Simmen, Leland Burton Smith, Mark Huntington Snyder*, Peter Spalding VanLund**, George Allen Wagner, Braxton Deams West**, Jessica Ryan Whitley, Benjamin Gustav Wilde*, Eric Kevin Wuthenow Jr., Chong Chuan Xiao.

August 2004 Candidates
Trung Huynh-Duc, Konrad Reszka.

*With Honors **With Highest Honors


Master of Science

December 2003
Abhishek Ghosh, Naga Kiran Govindaraju, Jason J. Jerald, Julien Jomier, Theodore W. Kim, Wesley Francis Miaw, Miguel Angel Otaduy, Andrew Brian Raij, Avneesh Sud, Fang-Yi Tsai, Bingzhao Yang.

May 2004
Mithun Arora, Eric Paul Bennett, Eric Michael Burns, Megan Michelle Dunigan, Chad Michael Hantak, Bradford Eugene Hinson, Dennis S. Jen, Jun Jia,
Huijuan Jiang, Aleksandra L. Krstic, Alan Paul Levicki, Yuanxin Liu,
Ajith Arthur Mascarenhas, Kimberly Isobel Noonan, Peter J. Parente, Marcelinus Widita Prastawa, Jonathan W. Robbins, Travis David Sparks, Jason Eliot Stewart, Gabriel Zhi-Jun Su, Gokul Varadhan, Nolan Ryan Walker, Nathaniel C. Williams, Alicia Louise Wright, Hua Yang, Sung-Eui Yoon.

August 2004 Candidates
Alvin C. Richardson, David Renfro Sassen, Abhishek Singh.


Doctor of Philosophy

August 2003

Alexandra A. Bokinsky. Visualization of Multiple Spatial Variables with Data-Driven Spots. Advisor: Frederick Brooks.

Gregory J. Clary. Image Sequence Classification Via Anchor Primitives. Advisor: Stephen M. Pizer.

Aditi Majumder. The Emineoptic Function: A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling and Correcting Color Variations Across Multi Projector Displays. Advisor: Greg Welch.

Vassil R. Roussev. Flexible Sharing of Distributed Objects Based on Programming Patterns. Advisor: Prasun Dewan.

Michele Aylene Clark Weigle. Investigating the Use of Synchronized Clocks in TCP Congestion Control. Advisor: Kevin Jeffay.

Ruigang Yang. View-dependent Pixel Coloring—A Physically-based Framework for 2D View Synthesis. Advisor: Greg Welch.

December 2003

Jessica Renee Crawford Crouch. Medial Techniques for Automating Finite Element Analysis. Advisor: Stephen M. Pizer.

Mark Jason Harris. Real-Time Cloud Simulation and Rendering. Advisor: Anselmo Lastra.

Yong-Jik Kim. Time Complexity Bounds for Shared-memory Mutual Exclusion. Advisor: James Anderson.

Anand Srinivasan. Effcient and Flexible Fair Scheduling of Real-time Tasks on Multiprocessors. Advisor: James Anderson.

May 2004

Thomas C. Hudson. Adapting a Collaborative, Force-Feedback, Graphical User Interface to Best-Effort Networks. Advisors: Russell M. Taylor II and Kevin Jeffay.

Andrew Lewis Thall. Deformable Solid Modeling via Medial Sampling and Displacement Subdivision. Advisor: Stephen M. Pizer.

August 2004 Candidates

Hye-Chung (Monica) Kum. Approximate Mining of Consensus Sequential Patterns. Advisors: Wei Wang and Dean Duncan.

Paul Michael Zimmons. The Influence of Lighting Quality on Presence and Task Performance in Virtual Environments. Advisor: Frederick Brooks.

2004 Computer Science Commencement
Award Recipients

CSSA Teaching Awards: Guido Gerig and Gary Bishop
CSC Undergraduate Teaching Awards: Kevin Jeffay and Sanjoy Baruah
Teaching Assistant Award: Sharif Razzaque

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