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Acculin, Inc.


Actel Corporation

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Advanced Hardware Architectures, Inc.


Advanced Linear Devices

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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Aeroflex Circuit Technology

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AITech International

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AKM Semiconductor, Inc.

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Allegro Micro Systems, Inc.


Alliance Semiconductor

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Alpha Semiconductor


Altera Semiconductor

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AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits Corp.)


American Microsystems, Inc.

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Anadigics, Inc.

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Analog Devices


Analog Systems

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Analogic Corporation

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Apex Microtechnology Corp.

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ASTEC Semiconductor



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Austin Semiconductor, Inc.

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Bel Fuse Inc.

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Benchmarq Microelectronics


Brooktree Corp.

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Burr-Brown Corp.


California Microdevices Corp.

calogic.gif (2971 bytes)

Calogic Corp.


Catalyst Semiconductor


Centon Electronics, Inc.

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Century Microelectronics, Inc.

cherry.gif (9212 bytes)

Cherry Semiconductor Corp.

cirrus.gif (744 bytes)

Cirrus Logic, Inc.


Comlinear Corp.

cpclare.gif (4549 bytes)

CP Clare

crystal.gif (2400 bytes)

Crystal Semiconductor Corp.

cybernetic.gif (1152 bytes)

Cybernetic Micro Systems


Cypress Semiconductor, Inc.

cyrix.gif (3085 bytes)

Cyrix Corp.

dallas.gif (12806 bytes)

Dallas Semiconductor

dalsa.gif (5378 bytes)

Dalsa Inc.

datadelay.gif (2135 bytes)

Data Delay Devices, Inc.


Datel, Inc.


Dionics Inc.

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EG&G Reticon Corp.

elantec.gif (12807 bytes)

Elantec, Inc.

edi.gif (5437 bytes)

Electronic Designs, Inc.

ems.gif (3203 bytes)

Enhanced Memory Systems Inc.

epson.gif (2792 bytes)

Epson America Inc.

ericsson.gif (3152 bytes)

Ericsson Components

exar.gif (6394 bytes)

Exar Corp.


Exel Microelectronics, Inc.


Focus Semiconductor


Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.

Bought by Mitel

GEC Plessey Semiconductors


Genesis Microchip Inc.

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Gennum Corp.

harris.gif (2600 bytes)

Harris Corp.


Hewlett-Packard Logic Systems Division

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Hitachi America, Ltd.


Holt Integrated Circuits, Inc.


Holtek Microelectronics Inc.

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Hughes Aircraft Co.

icworks.gif (10809 bytes)

IC Works, Inc.

ict.gif (7336 bytes)

ICT Inc.


Ideal Semiconductor

ilc.gif (16285 bytes)

ILC Data Device Corp.

impala.gif (13976 bytes)

Impala Linear Corp.


Information Storage Devices, Inc.

ics.gif (2825 bytes)

Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.

idt.gif (2023 bytes)

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.


Integrated Logic Systems Inc.

Bought by PMC-Sierra

Integrated Telecom Technology, Inc.

intel.gif (468 bytes)

Intel Corp.

itilogo.gif (3801 bytes)

Interface Technology, Inc.


Interpoint Corp.


Intronics, Inc.


IXYS Corp.

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Lambda Advanced Analog

lansdale.gif (395 bytes)

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.


Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

lecroy.gif (2106 bytes)

LeCroy Corp.


Level One

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LG Semicon Co., Ltd.


Linear Integrated Systems


Linear Technology Corp.

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Linfinity Microelectronics

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Logic Devices Inc.

lsilogic.gif (752 bytes)

LSI Logic Corp.

lucent.gif (1520 bytes)

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

maxim.gif (1973 bytes)

Maxim Integrated Products

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Micro Linear


Micro Networks Company


Microchip Technology, Inc.

micronix.gif (2356 bytes)

Micronix Integrated Systems, Inc.

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mitel.gif (2948 bytes)

Mitel Semiconductor

mitsubishi.gif (21232 bytes)

Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.


Mosaic Semiconductor, Inc.



motorola.gif (2426 bytes)

Motorola Semiconductor

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MSIS Semiconductor, Inc.


Music Semiconductors, Inc.


MX-COM, Inc.


National Semiconductor Corp.


NCM Corp.


NEC Electronics, Inc.

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Nexcom Technology, Inc.


Nippon Precision Circuits Ltd.


NJR Corp.

nohau.gif (2926 bytes)



NPNX Corp.

nte.gif (1679 bytes)

NTE Electronics, Inc.

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Optek Technology, Inc.

optilogo.gif (1439 bytes)



Optical Electronics Inc.


Panasonic Industrial Co./Electronic Components Division

paradigm.gif (1650 bytes)

Paradigm Technology Inc.

pcalogo.gif (4012 bytes)

PCA Electronics Inc.

performance.gif (13668 bytes)

Performance Semiconductors Corp.

pericom.gif (4154 bytes)

Pericom Semiconductor Corp.


Philips Semiconductors

plx.gif (2470 bytes)

PLX Technology, Inc.

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powerint.gif (3018 bytes)

Power Integrations, Inc.

qualcomm.gif (1182 bytes)

Qualcomm Inc.


Quality Semiconductor


R&E International Inc.


Ramtron Corp.

raytheon.gif (620 bytes)

Raytheon Co.

ricoh.gif (6392 bytes)



Rochester Electronics Inc.


Rockwell Semiconductor Systems


ROHM Corp.

samsung.gif (1776 bytes)

Samsung Semiconductor Inc.

sanyo.gif (2144 bytes)

Sanyo Semiconductor Corp.

seeqlogo.gif (2505 bytes)

SEEQ Technology, Inc.


Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.


Semtech Corp.


Seponix Corp.


SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Inc.

sharp.gif (2760 bytes)

Sharp Electronics Corp.


Siemens Components, Inc.


Sierra Semiconductor Corp.

sptlogo.jpg (9806 bytes)

Signal Processing Technologies

Bought by Texas Instruments

Silicon Systems Inc.


Siliconix, Inc.

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Simtek Corp.

sipex.gif (22073 bytes)

Sipex Corp.

smos.gif (1361 bytes)

S-MOS Systems Inc.

solitron.gif (2863 bytes)

Solitron Devices, Inc.


Sony Electronics Inc.


Space Electronics Inc.


STAC Electronics

smc_logo2.gif (2071 bytes)

Standard Microsystems Corp.


Supertex, Inc.

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Synergy Semiconductor Corp.


Syntaq Technology Inc.


TDK Semiconductor Corp.


Technitrol, Inc.


Telcom Semiconductor


Temic Semiconductors

ti.gif (2263 bytes)

Texas Instruments, Inc.


Thaler Corp.


Third Domain, Inc.

thomson.gif (16892 bytes)

Thomson Components and Tubes Corp.

toko.gif (2339 bytes)

Toko America Inc.

toshiba.gif (1918 bytes)

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.


Transwitch Corp.

triquint.gif (33283 bytes)

Tri Quint Semiconductor

trident.jpg (13468 bytes)

Trident Microsystems Inc.

utmc.gif (16938 bytes)

United Technologies Microelectronics Center

unitrode.gif (3118 bytes)

Unitrode Integrated Circuits Corp.


USAR Systems Inc.


Vetra Systems Corp.

vitesse.gif (5402 bytes)

VITESSE Semiconductor Corp.


VLSI Technology Inc.


Vortex Inc.

vtc.gif (3525 bytes)

VTC Inc.

wsi.gif (22923 bytes)

Waferscale Integration Inc.

wdc.gif (3677 bytes)

Western Design Center, Inc.

wdlogo.gif (821 bytes)

Western Digital Corp.


White Microelectronics

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Winbond Electronics Corp.

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yamaha.gif (25203 bytes)

Yamaha Corp. of America


Zilog Inc.