Proteus Artifacts
Software Components Available for Distribution

Proteus Interpreter

An interpreter implementing the language as documented in the latest version of the Proteus Language Reference Manual is available.

Executable versions of the interpreter are available for several machines:

The unix interpreters are in the form of a TAR archive containing the compressed interpreter. Use "tar -vxf <file>" to retrieve the compressed interpreter from the ftp file, then decompress it with gunzip. The Mac version is a HQX-encoded SIT file.

The interpreter sources are also available and can be used to build the interpreter for machines not listed above.

Proteus Sample Programs

There is a collection of example Proteus programs, including Click here to see the complete list of examples. Transfer and save whichever you are interested in trying out.

To run one of these programs, you need to obtain a Proteus interpreter . Start the interpreter and either place the filename of the Proteus program as an argument on the command line or type !include filename once you've started the interpreter.

Also available are some larger projects that have been undertaken in Proteus.

Transformation/Compilation Engine

This is undergoing continuous and extensive development and is not yet ready for release. Watch this space for updates.

Data-parallel Library

This C library provides a set of nested sequence operations that is the target of the data-parallel transformations. The library is built on top of the flat vector library CVL developed by the Scandal project at CMU. As a result it can be used to run generated data-parallel codes on any of the machines for which CVL implementations exist.

CVL for the MasPar MP-1 and MP-2

One such CVL implementation is the one developed here for the MasPar MP-1 and MP-2. This implementation enables NESL and data-parallel Proteus programs to be executed on MasPar computers. The full distribution includes sources, installation instructions and documentation. There is also a document describing the implementation (which is also contained in the full distribution).

The CVL implementation was developed to agree with CVL: A C Vector Library (version 2). Blelloch, Chatterjee, Hardwick, Reid-Miller, Sipelstein, and Zagha, CMU-CS-93-114, Feb 1993. Here are references to the abstract and Postscript for these Scandal group documents.


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