What's New?

January 15, 1994: New Publications

The following publications are now available:

June 9, 1994: New Publications

Some new publications are now available, and are listed at the top of our publications page. These are:

March 29, 1994: Mailing Lists

Two mailing lists are available for Proteus-folk:
  • parlunch: Announcements of topics for the weekly UNC Parallel Lunch (which, this semester, is Wednesday at 12:30pm).
  • proteus-users: For users of the Proteus language
  • To subscribe to either list, send mail to "majordomo@cs.unc.edu" with "subscribe list-name" in the body.

    March 23, 1994: DPL

    The Data-Parallel Library (DPL) Manual has just been placed on-line. It describes the back-end of our Proteus execution system. DPL is a C-callable library that supports nested sequences as a primtive type and provides parallel implementations of nested sequence operations.

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