Welcome to my research page where you will find a brief introduction to my research interests. Primarily I study computational geometry. However, I sometimes get the chance to work in parallel and scientific computing or education. Lists of my publications, talks, posters and collaborators are linked to above. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions would like to strike up a conversation. You can find my contact information on the contact page.

Computational Geometry

Pick your poison! For me it is Algorithms, specifically ones of the Geometric kind. Currently, I am investigating low degree predicates, numerical instabilities of geometric algorithms, and generalizations of Voronoi diagrams. When I need a break from that, I tinker around with polyhedra unfoldings; flattening ducks, bunnies and boxes.
Degree-driven Geometric Algorithm Design
Parallel geometric algorithms
Regluing of vertex unfoldings

Parallel and Scientific computing

My interest in the numerical aspects of computational geometry is driven by the application of geometric algorithms to physical simulations. Since a few of my collaborators are physicists and mathematicians I sometimes work on geometric projects that fall into scientific and parallel computing.
Parallel geometric algorithms
Stochastic materials
Monte Carlo algorithm for solving the neutron transport equation

Education In Music and Computational Sciences

One of the fundamental issues anyone must consider is, "How can I convey what I am doing to someone else?" Whether the field is arts, math or business, the ability to effectively convey information is always important. While in high school I taught drums to younger students. I found this enjoyable, but conveying my knowledge to students was not an easy task. I try to continue this interest by looking at ways to educate, specifically in music and computational mathematics.
Exploring Computational Mathematics: Unfolding Polyhedra