I have been fortunate enough to work closely with some excellent students over the years, including, but not limited to: 

  Former students
  1. Bullet    Lucas Ballard, Ph.D,  (Google)

  2. Bullet    Scott Coull, Ph. D., (RedJack)   

  3. Bullet    Seny Kamara, Ph. D.,  (Microsoft Research)

  4. Bullet    Josh Mason, Ph.D., (Independent Consultant)

  5. Bullet    Sophie Yu Qiu, Ph.D.,  (Cisco)

  6. Bullet    Sam Small, Ph.D.,  (JHUISI)

  7. Bullet    Charles Wright, Ph.D.,  (MIT Lincoln Labs)

  8. Bullet    Jay Zarfoss, Ms,  (Netflix)

  Current students:
  1. Bullet    Students and research staff that I currently work with at UNC include Xin Huang, Srinivas Krishnan, Nathan Otterness, Kevin Z. Snow, Teryl Taylor, Jan Werner, Andrew White and Yi Xu.

  2. Bullet
      Prospective students: If you are interested in working with me, you must first be admitted by our admissions committee. Please see the information for prospective students here.


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