Binary Descriptor Evaluation

Binary Descriptor Evaluation

This work evaluates the performance of binary descriptors and their pairings with various detectors.

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Download Oxford Datasets [1]
Download Strecha Datasets [2]
Download Photo-Collection and Additional Datasets (~8 MB) [3]
Download All Data (images, camera parameters, keypoints) (~85 MB)

Strecha Dataset Notes

Each image is resized so that its width is 1024.
For the fountain-P11 dataset, 0005.png was taken to be the first image, with 0004.png following, and then sequentially down to 0000.png (6 images total).

Example Dataset Images

  1. Bikes (Blur) [1]
    bikes1 dots bikes6
  2. Trees (Blur) [1]
    trees1 dots trees6
  3. UBC (JPEG Compression) [1]
    ubc1 dots ubc6
  4. Leuven (Exposure) [1]
    leuven1 dots leuven6
  5. Graffiti (Viewpoint) [1]
    graffiti1 dots graffiti6
  6. Wall (Viewpoint) [1]
    wall1 dots wall6
  7. Bark (Zoom, Rotation) [1]
    bark1 dots bark6
  8. Boat (Zoom, Rotation) [1]
    boat1 dots boat6
  9. Fountain-P11 (Viewpoint) [2]
    fountain1 dots fountain6
  10. Herz-Jesu-P8 (Viewpoint) [2]
    herzjesu1 dots herzjesu8
  11. Reichstag (Viewpoint, Zoom, Illumination) [3]
    reichstag2 dots reichstag
  12. Berliner-Dom (Viewpoint, Zoom, Illumination) [3]
    berliner-dom4 dots berliner-dom2
  13. Day-Night (Illumination) [3]
    day-night1 dots day-night7
  14. Semper (Rotation) [3]
    semper1 dots semper5
  15. Venice (Zoom) [3]
    venice1 dots venice7
  16. Rome (Rotation) [3]
    rome1 dots rome5
  17. Ceiling (Rotation) [3]
    ceiling1 dots ceiling6


[1] K. Mikolajczyk, T. Tuytelaars, C. Schmid, A. Zisserman, J. Matas, F. Schaffalitzky, T. Kadir, and L.V. Gool, "A comparison of affine region detectors," IJCV, 65:43-72, November 2005.
[2] C. Strecha, W. von Hansen, L. Van Gool, P. Fua, U. Thoennessen, "On Benchmarking Camera Calibration and Multi-View Stereo for High Resolution Imagery," CVPR, 2008.
[3] J. Heinly, E. Dunn, J.M. Frahm, "Comparative Evaluation of Binary Features," ECCV, 2012.