Jie Lei

Jie Lei

Old Town, San Diego, May 2019 (Courtesy of Qin)

I am a 4-th year PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill, working on vision and language. My advisors are Tamara L. Berg and Mohit Bansal.

I earned my bachelor's degree in computer science from Yingcai Honors College, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2017. I worked at Nanyang Technological University with Sinno Jialin Pan, and University of Manitoba with Yang Wang.

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Email: jielei [at] cs.unc.edu
Office: SN 260, 201 S. Columbia St. Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175



Unifying Vision-and-Language Tasks via Text Generation
Jaemin Cho, Jie Lei, Hao Tan, Mohit Bansal
Less is More: ClipBERT for Video-and-Language Learning via Sparse Sampling (Oral)
CVPR 2021, Virtual
Jie Lei*, Linjie Li*, Luowei Zhou, Zhe Gan, Tamara L. Berg, Mohit Bansal, Jingjing Liu
What is More Likely to Happen Next? Video-and-Language Future Event Prediction
EMNLP 2020, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Jie Lei, Licheng Yu, Tamara L. Berg, Mohit Bansal
TVR: A Large-Scale Dataset for Video-Subtitle Moment Retrieval
ECCV 2020, Glasgow, UK
Jie Lei, Licheng Yu, Tamara L. Berg, Mohit Bansal
MART: Memory-Augmented Recurrent Transformer for Coherent Video Paragraph Captioning
ACL 2020, Seattle, USA
Jie Lei, Liwei Wang, Yelong Shen, Dong Yu, Tamara L. Berg, Mohit Bansal
TVQA+: Spatio-Temporal Grounding for Video Question Answering
ACL 2020, Seattle, USA
Jie Lei, Licheng Yu, Tamara L. Berg, Mohit Bansal
TVQA: Localized, Compositional Video Question Answering (Oral)
EMNLP 2018, Brussels, Belgium
Jie Lei, Licheng Yu, Mohit Bansal, Tamara L. Berg
image classification
Weakly Supervised Image Classification with Coarse and Fine Labels
CRV 2017, Edmonton, Canada
Jie Lei, Zhenyu Guo and Yang Wang


AnimeGAN: Create Anime Face using Generative Adversarial Networks
Jie Lei
A simple GAN model that could automatically generate anime girl faces.