Carl's Graphics Primer

This is my attempt to cut through some of the confusion surrouding interactive 3D graphics. Many people have their own versions of a graphics primer like this, but often they get a lot of facts wrong. This frustrated me to the point where I finally wrote all of this stuff.

I've been studying interactive computer graphics as my main occupation since around 1987, so I have a few ideas about how it really works. I don't claim to know everything or to get it all right myself, though. I just try to do my best.

There are some other graphics primers out there that do a good job as well. One is:

It covers the ground pretty well, and it has some good diagrams. Of course, it's not perfect (IMO).

Another good reference (with links to others) is:

Here's what I've put together so far: I hope you enjoy it. Please give me feedback about anything else you'd like to see or if you have any confusion about what I've written or any disagreements with my descriptions. Thanks.