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COMP 290-33: Seminar on High-Performance Algorithms

Spring 1998 (Jan 9 - Apr 24)
F 10:00-11:15 pm, SN 325

Instructor: Jan Prins
SN355, Tel: 962-1913, prins@cs.unc.edu


Modern processors are capable of very high performance, but their operation bears little resemblance to the simple models that have been used to develop algorithms. Consequently many "classical" algorithms are not well suited to modern machines. This disparity and how it might be addressed are the subject of this seminar.

We will read technical papers in the following areas

Participants in this seminar are expected to present at least one of the papers and to contribute to the discussion of the other papers.


Reading Assignments

Reading List

(NB!: Not finalized yet)



Hierarchy-aware algorithms

Language and compile-time techniques

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