Technical Reports

Number Title Author(s) Date
TR08-005 "FOLSVI: First Order Logic with Strict Variables and Indices" Hao Xu 03/01/08
TR08-004 "A Formal Language for Training a Design Pattern Detector" Hao Xu and David Stotts 03/01/08
TR06-025 "SPQR: Formal Foundations and Practical Support for the Automated Detection of Design Patterns From Source Code" Jason Smith 12/12/05
TR06-023 "Unsupervised task extraction from a stream of window focus events" Karl Gyllstrom and David Stotts 10/06
TR05-021 "Facetop on the Tablet PC: Assistive technology in support of classroom note-taking for hearing impaired students" David Stotts, James Culp, Dorian Miller, Karl Gyllstrom, Keith Lee 09/30/05
TR05-013 "Case Studies in Automated Design Pattern Detection in C++ Code using SPQR" Jason McC. Smith and David Stotts 06/06/05
TR05-012 "SPQR: Formalized Design Pattern Detection and Software Architecture Analysis" Jason McC. Smith and David Stotts 05/30/05
TR05-010 "Facetop: Integrated semi-transparent video for enhanced natural pointing in shared screen collaborations" Karl Gyllstrom and David Stotts 05/15/05
TR05-005 "Facetop: Integrating Artifact and User in Synchronous Paired Collaborations via Semi-Transparent Video" D. Stotts, Karl Gyllstrom, Dorian Miller, and Jason McC. Smith, 03/15/05
TR04-008 "Support for Distributed Pair Programming in the Transparent Video Facetop" D. Stotts, J. McC. Smith, and Karl Gyllstrom 03/15/04
TR04-005 "Single- and Dual-User Web Browsing in the Transparent Video Facetop" D. Stotts, J. McC. Smith, and Karl Gyllstrom 12/1/03
TR03-032 "Elemental Design Patterns and the Rho-calculus: Foundations for Automated Design Pattern Detection in SPQR" J. McC. Smith and D. Stotts 9/23/03
TR03-018 "Federating Programs Artfully with DeCo" D. Herington and D. Stotts 5/23/03
TR03-017 "DeCo: A Declarative Coordination Framework for Scientific Model Federations" D. Herington and D. Stotts 5/21/03
TR03-016 "SPQR: Flexible Automated Design Pattern Extraction from Source Code" J. McC. Smith and D. Stotts 5/21/03
TR03-008 "The Vis-a-Vid Transparent Video FaceTop" D. Stotts, J. McC. Smith, D. Jen 3/31/03
TR03-007 "SPQR: Use of a First-Order Theorem Prover for Flexibly Finding Design Patterns in Source Code" J. McC. Smith, D. Stotts 3/25/03
TR03-003 "Virtual Teaming: Experiments and Experiences with Distributed Pair Programming" D. Stotts, L. Williams, N. Nagappan, P. Baheti, D. Jen, A. Jackson 3/1/03
TR02-040 "An Elemental Design Pattern Catalog" Jason McC. Smith 12/10/02
TR02-030 "3D Sliders: Programming Uses for 3D Object Warping in Collaborative Virtual Environments" David Stotts 6/1/02
TR02-017 "An Extensible Object Tracking Architecture for Hyperlinking in Real-time and Stored Video Streams" Jason McC. Smith and David Stotts 4/24/02
TR02-012 "An Informal Formal Method for Systematic JUnit Test Case Generation" David Stotts, Mark Lindsey, and Angus Antley 4/2/02
TR02-011 "Elemental Design Patterns: A Link Between Architecture and Object Semantics" Jason Smith and David Stotts 3/25/02
TR02-010 "Distributed Pair Programming: Empirical Studies and Supporting Environments" Prashant Baheti, Laurie Williams, Edward Gehringer, David Stotts, and Jason Smith 3/15/02
TR02-009 "Hypervideo Support for Distributed Extreme Programming" David Stotts, Jason Smith, and Laurie Williams 3/1/02
TR02-008 "CobWeb: Visual Design of Collaboration Protocols for Dynamic Group Web Browsing" David Stotts, Jan Prins, and Lars Nyland 3/1/02
TR02-007 "Automated Hyperlink Markup for Archived Video" David Stotts and Jason Smith 2/15/02
TR00-016 "ProChat: Dynamic Formal Collaboration Protocols in a Chat Tool for Handheld Collaboration" Randal K. Whitehead and David Stotts 5/1/00