Lessons I learned the hard way

Compiling the tutorial for FFMPEG

The avcoded_sample tutorial for FFMPEG was written using an older version of the FFMPEG library. I updated it to work with version 10.2, including the addition of Cmake files to locate and build it. They can be found here.

Linking with Visual Studio 2008 when libs built with 2010

I was building a Qt project from a version of Qt built using Visual Studio 2008. I was linking to libraries that were built using Visual Studio 2010. I got linker errors about multiply-defined symbols from the standard string library. I also got linker errors about not being able to find XLength_error. Searching the web didn't turn up the solution. Switching to compiling all my libs with Visual Studio 2008 did. Thank you, Cmake, for making it easy to switch compiler environments!

Inserting 16-bit Image into Powerpoint

I inserted two images into my Powerpoint 2010 file by copying them from Word and then pasting. I then adjusted their brightness. Then I saved the file. When I re-opened it, the images were completely dark. So I saved the images as TIFF files and drag-and-dropped them into the Powerpoint. They looked fine initially, but again were dark after quitting and re-opening. Then I opened the images with GIMP and noticed that they were 16-bit images. When I saved 8-bit versions of the images and then dropped those into Powerpoint, everything was fine. So it looks like there is a problem loading 16-bit images into Powerpoint.