Mark Stith shared the following with us during a discussion session in preparation for Mark Acuff to be part of a panel discussing the issue "Theism vs. Atheism" in September 2006. It is a page from his journal that he has allowed me to share:

I feel like a man who has explored caves all his life - cavernous halls, deep cool pools, ancient artwork scratched into sheer rock walls. And who surfaces and walks back to civilization and is invited to debate whether or not caves exist.

"My whole life is played out within caves," he says. "Prove it", they respond.

"Here are the rocks from my last descent." "Those could come from anywhere."

"Here is a photograph of the paintings deep underground." "Those could be fabricated. Photoshopped."

"Well then - come with me deep into the forest and see for yourself - go deep into the earth and inhabit the cave for yourself." "No. Caves don't exist. We will not go into the forest to search for fantasies. You are delusional. 'Caves' have been used to frighten people, to lure them, to control them - we are free from this superstition and manipulation. The surface is all that is."

"Well then - suit yourself. I shall walk back into the forest and reenter the beautiful world you say does not exist."