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Leandra Vicci

Lecturer and Director of the Applied Engineering Laboratory

(previously the Microelectronic Systems Laboratory – some links will refer to the MSL)

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Contact Information 

Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175 

(919) 962-1742 (Voice)
(919) 962-1798 (Fax) (email) 

Leandra Vicci

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Research Interests

The Applied Engineering Laboratory (AEL)

Computing has emerged as a preeminent component underpinning much of present day technology.  However its actual value lies in its application to problems and systems outside of the purely computational domain. The AEL provides the infrastructure needed to apply computational resources to an important subset of these applications: those including physical technologies such as optics, wireless, robotics and so forth.  This enables experimental endeavors normally beyond the reach of non-engineering institutions such as UNC.  The AEL is a testbed to explore innovative technological applications for computers, while also providing hardware system prototyping resources for departmental researchers and collaborators.

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