COMP 6D-001 Spring 2005, Final Projects

Click on any image below to see the corresponding movie. The animations are listed alphabetically by last name. Any awards are noted to the right.

See also the "movie credits" for the course.

The Underducks
by Evelyn Ageenko

Honorable Mention


The Three Little Pigs
by Robin Burk


Glenn Mouser and his Orchestra
by Darin Dillehunt

Honorable Mention


The True Treasure
by Rachel Duncan


A Bridge Of Separation
by Ben Fisher


Triple Jump Instructional Video
by Erika Foushee


Sock Escape
by John Gillis

Second place (tie)


A Turkey Surprise
by Alan Harper

Honorable Mention


by Sarah Hodges


Excuse Me while I Kiss the Sky
by Derrick Lankford


by Anna Mazur

Honorable Mention


Flying to Action
by Timothy Mccall


by Ronald Milam

First place


Beat Crusaders, Hit in the USA
by Sally Beth Moore


Burning Breakfast, by Steven Newell


Chick and Moose Save the Day
by Brittany Pittman


The Killer Slug from Outer Space
by Bryan Reed

Honorable Mention


by Rebecca Rolfe

In a play on the old-fashioned scary thriller meets artsy documentary, the world is shown to have an intense fear of an unnamed thing. Newspaper articles warn the public and various people are interviewed discussing their view of the "thing" and how it has affected their lives. In the last scene of this eclectic film, the horrible scary "thing" ends up being just a sweet, innocent clown...or is it?

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
by Connor Todd

Second place (tie)


A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole
by Kimberly Topley


Updated: Friday, May 13, 2005