Yi Xu is a PhD student in Computer Science Department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, under the supervision of Prof. Jan-Michael Frahm and Prof. Fabian Monrose. His research IMG_0816interest lays in Computer Vision and its applications in Computer Security. Before coming to UNC Chapel Hill, Yi got his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, China. 

As a fourth year PhD student, Yi’s work considers automated attacks on people’s privacy using computer vision techniques, such as inferring TV content from outdoor light effusions, reconstructing typed input from compromising reflections and decoding motion-based CAPTCHAs.

Computer Vision techniques, such as image recognition, homography transformation, noise reduction and feature indexing, provide unique point of view for possible side-channel attacks. The  proposed systems can automatically reconstruct user’s typed input and infer TV content from more than 70 meters away.

As well as revealing potential security flaws, Yi’s work also propose possible mitigation for possible attacks, such as emerging image CAPTCHAs.

IMPORTANT NOTATION: Yi is NOT the BAD GUY. The research purpose is to reveal security flaws and come up with practical solutions.