Welcome to the MIDAG home page. At the MIDAG website, you will find information concerning our history, present projects and future goals. The purpose of these pages is to provide a central source for important information pertaining to MIDAG projects and/or the group itself.

History and Highlights

Department and Team List

A brief recount of the events that brought MIDAG together as well as a description of our research highlights, projects that have made an impact in the field of medicine.

A list of all individuals and departments affiliated with MIDAG, showing just how far we reach in both contributors and departments.

Current Projects

Software Download

A list of projects with associated web pages. These are mostly links to pages maintained by other individuals within the group.

Links to software downloads available from our website. VALMET, IRIS, SNAP, DTI Track, and others.


Talks Meetings & Conferences

Papers published by the group are available in this Bibliography. If there is a particular MIDAG paper you do not find here, send email requesting it.

A list of upcoming talks, weekly meetings, and MIDAG related conferences.


Morphormics, the company spun off from UNC-MIDAG research in segmentation via posterior optimization and in shape and appearance statistics, with particular applications in radiation oncology, was recently acquired by Accuray, Inc., the premier manufacturer of high-tech radiation treatment devices.