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  Hardware Systems and Architectures Research
These groups conduct a variety of research related to hardware systems and architectures. For information on specific projects visit the links below.

Hardware Systems Cluster
A group of faculty and technical professionals designing and building working prototypes of experimental hardware systems to solve scientifically significant problems. (Bishop, Brumback, Eyles, Fuchs, Keller, Lastra, Nyland, Poulton, Singh, Taylor, Thomas, Towles, Vicci, Welch)

High-Performance Graphics Architectures Group
Long-term project developing computer architectures for 3D graphics that offer dramatically higher performance than other currently available systems, with wide flexibility for a broad range of applications that require significant graphics power, including medical visualization, molecular modeling, and architectural design. Current and recent projects include: Pixel-Planes, PixelFlow, Image-Based Rendering, etc. (Bishop, England, Eyles, Fuchs, Keller, Lastra, Molnar, Poulton, Thomas, Vicci, et al.)

Tracker Project
Research into building accurate, long-range head-tracking systems for head-mounted displays that work accurately and efficiently in real time. Current projects include: tracking for augmented reality research, wide-area tracking. (Bishop, Brumback, Fuchs, Keller, Vicci, Welch)

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