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  Software Systems Research
These groups conduct a variety of research related to software systems. For information on specific projects, visit the links below.

Distributed Collaboration Group
A group of faculty and students working on problems that arise when multiple, distributed users attempt to work collaboratively. Research in operating and distributed systems, programming environments, user-interface frameworks, software engineering, and transaction models. (Dewan, Jeffay, Mayer-Patel, J.B. Smith, F.D. Smith, Stotts)

High-Performance Computing Group
The High-Performance Computing Group conducts research on parallel algorithms, computer architectures, parallel programming languages, compilers, and performance evaluation. Application areas are mainly oriented to scientific computation. (Prins, Nyland)

Multimedia Systems Group
Multimedia systems research focuses on the networking, processing, and representation problems associated with high-bandwidth streaming applications involving video, audio, geometry, and other data types with complex semantic structure. (Jeffay, Mayer-Patel, F.D. Smith)

Networking Research Cluster
A set of projects investigating (i) end-to-end media adaptations for best-effort application-level, congestion control, (ii) lightweight, active router-queue management for a better-than-best-effort service for continuous media flows, (iii) reliable multicast protocols, and (iv) measurement and workload characterization of Internet traffic. (Jeffay, Mayer-Patel, F.D. Smith)

Real-Time Systems Group
Research in distributed and real-time systems, multimedia systems, multimedia networking, and web-based applications. (Anderson, Baruah, Jeffay, Mayer-Patel, J.B. Smith, F.D. Smith)

Software Engineering Group
The Software Engineering Group conducts research into collaborative development processes and tools, agile development, formal methods, systematic testing, design patterns, and support for scientific modeling and computation. (Dewan, Prins, Stotts)

Ubiquitous Computing
Study of concepts that take computing beyond the desktop, including replication of mobile data, distributed appliances and sensors, ubiquitous networking, location-aware computing, resource conservation, and ubiquitous collaboration. (Anderson, Dewan, Jeffay, Mayer-Patel, Stotts, Welch, et al.)

User Interfaces
Study of issues in the design, analysis, and implementation of both WIMP (Window Icon Menu Pointer) and post-WIMP (e.g., 3D, haptic, wearable) user interfaces. (Dewan, Lin, Stotts, et al.)

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