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You don't want this version, it is ancient. Instead use: Hark3

New Version 2.0 available on April 27, 2004.

Hark the Sound is a really simple sound game intended for young kids who are visually impaired. This version was written by Meghan Dickenson, Megan Dunigan, and Max Smolens for a class project at UNC, with Gary Bishop and Diane Brauner as consultants. It is free for educational and fun use.

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Hark the Sound is a great computer game for the visually impaired that is both fun and educational. Using only the arrow keys on the keyboard, a visually impaired individual can play games matching games such as “Name that Animal” and “Multiplication Drills”, as well as category games, such as "Learn about Food Groups".

In addition to these types of games and others, teachers can also create their own games using a game-making wizard.

Additionally, Hark the Sound can be used to improve anyone’s auditory skills in general. Whether you are a visually impaired student trying to have fun in the computer lab, or an avid bird watcher trying to learn bird calls, Hark the Sound is the game for you! Hark the Sound is fun and learning all in one! It’s free for everyone, so check it out!

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