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I am Michael Stewart, currently (Summer 2005) a rising Junior Computer Science Major.


This is where I shall try to log my progress as I work for Dr. Gary Bishop this summer on an ET (I prefer this term to “Assistive Technology” for reasons I am still trying to discover.) project, yet to be determined. Currently I am doing some research about what kinds of switch accessible games are available on the Internet.


I have agreed to work on this project for the summer of 2005, but I do hope to continue at least unitl I graduate.


I will work from home (my dorm room in Hinton James), as well as in the Carolina Center for Computer Assistive Technology (Sitterson room 229), both in Chapel Hill, NC.


I am quite interested in this field of Computer Science, Dr. Bishop likes to hire great undergrads, and my résumé could use some meat.


I will work approximately 20 hours each week, and will research and then produce an ET product.


h3. Accomplished on or by 19.05.05. p. I have been granted access privileges to the Carolina Center for Computer Assistive Technology, and also to all the filespace that I will need to be able to access in order to do some of Dr. GB dirty work. I have done a realtively exhaust(ing/)ive search for switch accessible games and have begun to test (read: play 8-D) them and record observations (see: SwitchAccessibleGameReviews).