The 2011 IEEE workshop on Motion and Video Computing (WMVC)'s Program

Session 1: Learning-based Methods (activities and segmentation) Time: TBA - Location: TBA

  1. Temporally Consistent Multi-Class Video-Object Segmentation with the Video Graph-Shifts Algorithm - Albert Y. C. Chen and Jason J. Corso
  2. Experts-Shift: Learning Active Spatial Classification Experts for Keyframe-based Video Segmentation - Yibiao Zhao, Yanbiao Duan, Xiaohan Nie, Yaping Huang and Siwei Luo
  3. Personal Driving Diary: Constructing A Video Archive of Everyday Driving Events - M. S. Ryoo, Jae-Yeong Lee, Ji Hoon Joung, Sunglok Choi and Wonpil Yu
  4. One Video is Sufficient? Human Activity Recognition Using Active Video Composition - M. S. Ryoo and Wonpil Yu
  5. Co-training Framework of Generative and Discriminative Trackers with Partial Occlusion Handling - Thang Ba Dinh and Gérard Medioni

Session 2: Motion (geometric) - Time: TBA - Location: TBA

  1. Closed-Form Solutions to Multiple-View Homography Estimation - Pierre Schroeder, Adrien Bartoli, Pierre Fite-Georgel and Nassir Navab
  2. Line Based Motion Estimation and Reconstruction of Piece-Wise Planar Scenes - Saleh Mosaddegh, David Fofi and Pascal Vasseur
  3. Tracking Planes with Time of Flight Cameras and J-linkage - Loren Arthur Schwarz, Diana Mateus, Joé Lallemand and Nassir Navab
  4. SLAM using High-Resolution and Time-of-Flight Cameras - Victor Castaneda, Diana Mateus and Nassir Navab
  5. Simultaneous Motion Segmentation and Structure from Motion - Luca Zappella, Alessio Del Bue, Xavier Lladó and Joaquim Salvi

Invited Speaker: Steven Seitz

Session 3: Motion (image based) - Time: TBA - Time: TBA

  1. Robust Modified L2 Local Optical Flow Estimation and Feature Tracking - Tobias Senst, Volker Eiselein, Rubén Heras Evangelio and Thomas Sikora
  2. Real-Time Illumination-Invariant Motion Detection in Spatio-Temporal Image Volumes - Johan Almbladh and Karl Netzell
  3. Fast and Scalable Keypoint Recognition and Image Retrieval using Binary Codes - Jonathan Ventura and Tobias Höllerer