Comp 14: Introduction to Programming

Summer 2005, Second Session
[MTWRF 9:15am-11:15am]

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    • 6/24/2005 Homework 1:
      You will receive full credit only for installing jGRASP and getting familiar with it.
      For extra credit, you can type in and compile a couple of programs, and describe any problems you encountered.
    • 6/24/2005 Registration:
      Friday, June 24 is the last day to register for this class.
    • 6/23/2005 Pledge:
      Return a signed copy of the pledge to class on Friday, June 24.

    Instructor and Class Information:

    Course Objectives:
    To teach problem analysis, algorithm design, and the elements of programming, with emphasis upon mastery of concepts, using a limited number of well-chosen language features. Although C++ is used as the programming language, the emphasis is not on learning C++, but on learning to program.

    • Introduction to computer use. Approaches to problem-solving; algorithms and their design; fundamental programming skills.
    • This course is an introduction to computer programming for students with no prior programming experience.
    • We will use the Java programming language.

    There are no official course pre-requisites for this class, but a basic background in math is needed. Basic computer skills (using a web browser, writing email, using word processing applications, downloading and installing software) are assumed for COMP 14. If you are not comfortable using a computer, consider taking COMP 4 ("Power Tools for the Mind") before taking COMP 14.
    If you have previous programming experience, such as in a high school course, (especially, a Computer Science AP course) consider taking COMP 114 ("Foundation of Programming") instead.
    This course (or COMP 15 or COMP 16) is required for COMP 114. COMP 14 fulfills the Mathematics Perspective Requirement.

    This is going to be an intense class, where daily work is highly encouraged. Because of the nature of programming, topics build on each other, so it is essential to keep your work up to date. There will be weekly assignments and quizzes to make sure that you follow an appropriate study process, and so that the instructor can evaluate the learning progress.

    Java Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (companion website)
    D. Malik, P. Nair
    ISBN: 0-619-06497-8
    Available online and at UNC Student Stores.

    A large part of class material has been borrowed from Michele Clark Weigle (, Miguel Otaduy (, and Kelly Ward (, previous instructors of Comp14.