Adrian Ilie
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Computer Science Department
Summer 2005, Session II
COMP 14 Adrian Ilie Introduction to Programming teaching
Fall 2004
MATH 191 Jingfang Huang Scientific Computation I my stuff
Spring 2004
PSYCH 209c Mark Hollins Seminar in Cognitive Psychology my stuff
NEUROBIO 357 Dale Purves and
David Fitzpatrick
Vision: Why We See What We Do  
Fall 2003
COMP 256 Marc Pollefeys Computer Vision my stuff
Spring 2003
COMP 321 Stephen Weiss and
Frederick P.Brooks, Jr.
Technical Communication in Computer Science my stuff
Fall 2002
COMP 238 Anselmo Lastra Advanced Image Generation my stuff
COMP 239 Henry Fuchs Exploring Virtual Worlds my stuff
Spring 2002
COMP 236 Gary Bishop Computer Graphics my stuff
COMP 261 Montek Singh and
Leandra Vicci
Hardware Sytems class project
COMP 291 John Halton Professional Writing in Computer Science  
Fall 2001
COMP 235 James Coggins Images, Graphics and Vision  
COMP 290-079 Jack Snoeyink Computational Geometry my stuff
MATH 131 Russ Rowlett Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries my stuff
Spring 2001
COMP 204 David Stotts Software Design and Implementation my stuff
COMP 249 Ketan Mayer-Patel Multimedia Networking my stuff
COMP 265 Frederick P.Brooks, Jr. Advanced Computer Architecture my stuff
Fall 2000
COMP 202 David Plaisted Algorithm Analysis  
COMP 206 Siddhartha Chaterjee Computer Architecture  
COMP 243 Don Smith Distributed Systems  
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