COMP 110 Spring 2011

Lab 2

25 points

Assigned: Friday, January 28
Due: Friday, February 4 by 1:00pm


Lab 2 will introduce you to Java applets, string manipulation, and type casting. You have been given a skeleton program that can be found on the course webpage. Copy the program into Eclipse (You will need to create a new Java Project called lab2 and a new Java Class called StringFun), and compile and run the program. (Don't forget to add the header!)

Part 1

Characters are stored as numbers in a computer. This java applet converts the input integer to the unique Unicode character stored as that number. Appendix 7 has a subset of the Unicode character set. Note: the input integer was type cast as a character.

Type casting is more commonly done between integers and floating-point numbers. Often when performing arithmetic operations between the two types.

Part 2

For this part of the lab you will modify the code to prompt the user for a string (of characters) and output information about the string as well as manipulate the input string.You will be referencing pages 75-80 of your textbook.

Additional Questions (in project lab2 in Eclipse, create a new File called yourlastname_lab2.txt and answer questions in the file)


How to hand in the assignment