package lectures.documentations.assertions;
import util.annotations.WebDocuments;

import bus.uigen.ObjectEditor;
// What do you think externally checkable could mean?
@WebDocuments({"Lectures/DocumentationsAssertions.pptx", "Lectures/DocumentationsAssertions.pdf", "Videos/DocumentationsAssertions.avi"})
public class AnExternallyCheckableBMISpreadsheet extends AnErroneousAssertingSpreadsheet  {
    double initialHeight, initialWeight; // will allow initial state to be restored in this version
    public AnExternallyCheckableBMISpreadsheet(double anInitialHeight,
            double anInitialWeight) {
        super(anInitialHeight, anInitialWeight);
        initialHeight = anInitialHeight;
        initialWeight = anInitialWeight;
    //Increasing visibility of pre so external modules - in particularly OE- can call it
    public boolean preGetBMI() {
        return super.preGetBMI();
    // prcondition method for restoreHeightAndWeight, again public
    // If the initial state has not changed, nothing to restore so no point calling restoreHeightAndWeight
    public boolean preRestoreHeightAndWeight() {
        return getHeight() != initialHeight || getWeight() != initialWeight; 
    public void restoreHeightAndWeight() { 
        assert preRestoreHeightAndWeight();
    public static void main (String[] args) {
        ObjectEditor.edit(new AnExternallyCheckableBMISpreadsheet(1.77, 75));
    // What is the naming condition we are using for public precondition methods.
    // Given a method M, its precondition is checked by a method with what header/signature?
    // Run the program. Look at the  AnExternallyCheckableBMISpreadsheet->restoreHeightAndWeight. Should
    // the item be grayed out? Is it? If not execute it. What happens.
    // Change the height or weight to 0. What happens to the display?
    // Look at the menu item AnExternallyCheckableBMISpreadsheet->restoreHeightAndWeight again.
    // Should the item be grayed out? Is it? If not execute it. What happens.
    // Do you have a theory about how ObjectEditor is interacting with the public precondition methods?