package lectures.inheritance;
import util.annotations.WebDocuments;

@WebDocuments({"Lectures/Inheritance.pptx", "Lectures/Inheritance.pdf", "Videos/Inheritance.avi"})
public interface InheritingStringDatabase extends BaseStringHistory {
//  public static final int MAX_SIZE = 10;
    public void removeElement(String element);
    public void clear();
    public boolean member(String element);
 * Since InheritingStringDatabase extends BaseStringHistory 
 * InheritingStringDatabase is a subtype of BaseStringHistory
 * BaseStringHistory is a base type/supertype of
 * InheritingStringDatabase.
 * Which of the following is consistent with the above statements.
 * If interface A extends interface B:
 *     (a) A is a superclass of B.
 *     (b) B is a supertype of A.
 *     (c) A is a subclass of B.
 *     (d) B is a base type of A.
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