package lectures.scanning;
import util.annotations.WebDocuments;
/* package-info:
     * Visit the following classes for this praxis in this order:
     * {@link AConsoleReadingUpperCasePrinter} 
     * {@link AModularConsoleReadingUpperCasePrinter}
     * You can visit a class by clicking on its name in the package ecplorerr
     * window. A quicker way to navigate to it is to click on the name of each 
     * referenced class name and press CTRL-click (Windows) or command-click, 
     * where click means clicking the left mouse button. 
     * On Windows you can press F3 or Fn F3 
 * When the String "Albert Einstein" is input, the tokens produced are
 * the strings:
 *     (a) "Albert" and "Einstein"
 *     (b) "A" and "E"
 *     (c) None of the above
@WebDocuments({"Lectures/Scanning.pptx", "Lectures/Scanning.pdf", "Videos/Scanning.avi"})
public class Corrections {