COMP 236: Course Projects for Spring 1999




The purpose of the projects is to allow the students to study a particular problem in-depth. Since we cover so many topics during the course of the semester, we cannot go into any of them in great detail. Consequently, important software engineering issues and the design details aren't effectively conveyed unless each student attempts to tackle a major problem from concept to implementation to demonstration (as they say, "the devil is in the details").


This page will include a list of links to each student's project web page. Currently, it contains only the one example, but soon we should have one item for each project (a total of twenty or so). Each item contains the students' names, and the project title, which will be a link to the cover page. The cover page should follow the design of the example below (just copy the example source and edit it). The cover page should have a link at the top pointing to any additional project pages you want to have, which you can prepare however you want. These pages are to be kept in the students own public_html directory, and maintained as he/she sees fit. Just send email to stefan with the information needed to update the links in this master list.