Student Course Projects

Name Project
Miguel Otaduy Model Simplification for Haptic Rendering
Bill Baxter Curves and Surfaces for Painting Simulation
David O'Brien Calculating Intersection Curve Approximations for Subdivision Surfaces
Max Garber Hybrid Voronoi Based Planner for Articulated Bodies
Wei Chao Chen Progressive Surface Lightfield
Scott Larsen Meshed Particle Systems for Minimal Surfaces
Kelly Ward Using Dynamic NURBS for String Motion Animation
Justin Hensley Efficient Display of Surfaces (and Volumes) with the PSX2
Samir Naik Collision Detection with Reconstructed Avatars in Dynamic Virtual Environments
Paul Zimmons Differential Evolution for Curve and Surface Fitting
Avneesh Sud The Next Best View Problem
Karl Hillesland Processing CAD Model Objects for Better Visibility Coherence
Mark Harris Subdivision Surfaces for PS2
Deepak Bandyopadhyay Extended Quadric Error Function for Surface Simplification