Kirin Mini-Review:

Roger Smith, professional Negotiator, has it all. Bruce Wayne's wonderful toys and decked-out mansion. The Shadow's suave coolness. James Bond's action adventures. An android-girl sidekick who gives Ruri a run for her money in the deadpan cuteness department. But most of all, Roger Smith has a kick-ass Giant Robot: the Big O.

Since I've only seen this in unsubtitled Japanese, I'm not to clear on some of the details, but apparently the story takes place in Paradigm City, where a mysterious disaster has caused a rash of selective memory loss: now only a few people can use technology, and no one seems to be able to make it anymore. So needless to say there's a lot of shady goings-on concerning the finding, selling, and using of old relics, which is where a Negotiator comes in. Roger spends his days making cash on negotiation commissions and detective cases, but he's always ready to step in with giant mechanical defender of justice when the city is in danger, as so frequently happens in shows like this.

Though all of these elements have been seen before in separate shows like Batman: the Animated Series and Giant Robo, they come together beautifully here. Though it's been overshadowed by other amazing titles coming out the same year (Cowboy Bebop, Trigun) I think this one has potential to be a big hit when it's commercially subtitled.