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Kirin's Gratuitous Anime List

The annotated list of anime I've watched. Probably missing a few. Some mini-reviews have been added, click the title links. Also try my new ultra-condensed anime page.

Last updated Oct 15 2013.

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Aa! Megamisama! OAV1-5 Mov a ***** classic loser meets goddesses story, beautiful animation
Abenobashi Magic Shopping District Ep1,2,4 ***1/2 life gets surreal when two kids stumble into magical versions of their home town
AD.Police OAV1-2 **1/2 violent prequel to original Bubblegum Crisis series
Aim for the Ace! Ep1-7 Mov *** Very, very, very 70s shoujo tennis drama
Airship PataPata Ep1-2 ***1/2 Not quite a Miyzaki series, but really trying to be one
Akagi (Mahjong Legend) Ep1-7 *** Mah-Jong super melodrama with the ugliest char designs evar
Akazukin Cha Cha Ep? *** fun, kid-oriented fantasy/comedy
Akira Mov c ***1/2 classic metaphysical scifi action. Re-release unedited version makes more sense!
Alien 9 Ep1-4 ***1/2 Cute... odd... disturbing... cute... more disturbing...
All-Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku OAV1-6a
***1/2 action comedy. First few episodes are best.
Allison and Lillia Ep1-3 ***1/2 Two kids in a country at war go on a treasure hunt
Angel Beats Ep1-3 **1/2 Vaguely interesting premise of fighting to avoid reincarnation kinda spoiled by bog-standard high school cast.
Angel Heart Ep1-3 **1/2 Sequel to classic City Hunter series; stupid premise, but nice looking.
Angel Sanctuary OAV1-3 a ***1/2 A 'War in Heaven' premise, bishounen angels, funky theology
Angelic Layer Ep2,9,23 ***? Clamp does a tournament anime with dolls and typical prettiness.
Angelique Ep1 *** Based off a game where you date boys; wall-to-wall bishounen
Animation Runner Kuromi OAV1-2 a ***1/2 The soul-eating world of animation production
Animatrix, The Mov? *** Various directors do depressing shorts in the Matrix world
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae
o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai
Ep1 ? High schooler haunted by dead childhood friend and the issue of growing apart...
Antique Bakery Ep1-3 ***1/2 Baking desserts with the Gay of Demonic Charm
Arcadia of My Youth Mov **** Epic Captain Harlock origins movie. Good Matsumoto stuff
Aria Ep1-2 **3/4 Gondoliers on Mars. Slow. Pretty. Annoying cute thing.
Arislan Senki       see Heroic Legend of Arislan
Assemble Insert Ep1-2? a ***1/2 insane reluctant supergirl comedy. all good.
Astro Boy New Adventures       see Shin Tetsuwan Atom
Attack on Titan Ep1-25 **** aka Shingeki no Kyoujin. Bleak action as humanity struggles against overpowering giants.
Avatar: The Last Airbender Ep1-61 a ****1/2 Not actually anime, but the best thing from Nickelodeon in many years.
Avatar: The Legend of Korra Ep1-12 ****1/2 Sequel 70 years later. Still excellent.
Ayashi no Ceres Ep1-3 *** vengeful goddess is reincarnated in a schoolgirl, amid family and corporate intrigue. By the Fuugi artist.
Azumanga Daioh Ep1-6,11-14,
**** lots of slightly spastic short stories at a girls' school
Baccano! Ep1-16 a **** Tons of characters, several immortal, meet in '30s America on a train.
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ep1-3,9,11 *** A premise so ludicrous (rpg-like battles based on test scores) it almost works.
Bakemonogatari Ep1-3 ***? High school. Supernatural stuff. Vampires? Ikuhara being weird.
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto Ep1-4 ***1/2 Samurai and theater troupe action with a bit of the supernatural.
Bamboo Blade Ep1-2 *** Coach tries to whip all-girl kendo team into shape to win bet.
Banner of the Stars Ep1-13 ***1/2 Sequel to "Crest of..". More space opera from novels.
Bartender Ep1-10 ***1/2 In the "examine an obscure profession" genre... Nifty, though very exposition-heavy.
Basquatch! Ep1-4 *** Car-mechs and basketball and dystopia and boobs. Sure looks pretty, though.
Battle Angel Alita       see Gunnm
Battle of the Planets       see Gatchaman
Beck Ep1-4 ***1/2? Kids form a punk band. They were made to hit in America.
Berserk Ep1-16,19-25 *** action/fantasy. Guy with really LONG sword kicks ass, is recruited by ruthless pretty boy.
Bewitching Nozomi OAV1-2 *** 80s boxing anime. Panties = confidence.
Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place mov **** Long-awaited feature from the "Hoshi no Koe" do-it-youself anime guy, Shinkai Makoto
Big O, The Ep1-13 **** Cast in the Name of God, Ye not Guilty. The Shadow meets Batman meets Giant Robo.
Binchou-tan Ep1 ** Stupidly cute little girl show about a specialized charcaol export. No, really.
Birdy the Mighty Decode Ep1-2 ***? Shiny remake of old series, kid shares body with cute space cop
Black Heaven, Legend of       see Kacho Ouji
Black Lagoon Ep1-24 **** violent escapades of the baddest pirates in today's South China sea.
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail OAV1-4 ***1/2 More violence. Lots more.
Black Magic M-66 Mov *** adaption of a Shirow tale involving escaped killer androids
Blazing Transfer Student Ep1-2 a? ***1/2 it's all about the Blazing Railway Punch
Bleach Ep1-4 **1/2 Your standard shounen battlefest, w/ shinigami vs monster ghosts
Blood: the Last Vampire Mov *** The well-animated middle thrid of a vampire/demon action film
Blood+ Ep1-4 *** TV rework of the above, might actually get to tell a story this time.
Blue Gender Ep1-3 **1/2 eh. people get squished by big bugs.
Blue Seed Ep? ? don't remember much
Blue Submarine No. 6 Ep1-5? a **1/2 Sci-fi action. the CG just doesn't mesh well...
Bodacious Space Pirates       see Moeretsu Space Pirates
Bokurano Ep1-4 *** 15 teens get suckered into a deadly giant robot. From the Shadow Star guy.
Bokusatu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Ep1-4,2.1 *** Middle-school comedy: angel beats boy to death repeatedly. Pass on second season.
Boogiepop Phantom Ep1 ***1/2? Paranormal mystery/horror. Looks kinda like Lain.
Brave Story Mov *** pretty, but fairly standard boy-in-fantasy-world story, from a YA novel.
Broken Blade OAV1-6 a ***1/2 aka Break Blade; more or less Gundam in a fantasy setting
Brother Dear Brother Ep1-39 a *** more b*tches per second than any other anime
Bubblegum Crisis OAV1-8 a ****1/2 classic rockin' SF goodness - chicks in hardsuits vs. renegade robots and an evil corporation.
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Ep1-4 ***1/2 less classic, still good, new take on the above
[C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Ep1-2 ? People in need of money gamble their futures in the magical realm of The Financial District
Canaan Ep 1-13 ***1/4 Shanghai action. Synesthesia, bio-engineered virus, conspiracies.
Captain Harlock Ep? Movs? *** old-school Matsumoto space action. classic.
Captain Harlock SSX Ep1 ***? TV series sequel picks up after Arcadia of my Youth movie
Captain Herlock: Outside Legend Ep1-3 ***1/2 Uber-director Rin Taro plays with the Matsumoto universe
Castle of Cagliostro Mov o ****1/2 A Lupin III movie direted by Miyazaki. What more could you want?
Cat Returns, The Mov ****1/2 Ghibli fairy-tale featuring the Baron from Whisper of the Heart
Cat Shit One OAV? *** War is hell, even in nice CG starring adorable bunny rabbits.
Cat Soup       see Nekojiro-sou
Cencoroll OAV ***3/4 SF short with an Alien 9-ish vibe, as high school kids direct alien monsters. Gorgeous animation.
Charge! Otokujuku Ep1-3 ***? Oldschool goofy comedy about huge thugs at a correctional school
Child's Toy, A       see Kodomo no Omocha
Christmas in January OAV1 a ** Shoujou tale of a guy who finds love and a girl with interpersonal relationship problems
Cleopatra DC OAV3 *** Female CEO defends the helpless... think James Bond in a skirt.
Cluster Edge Ep1 ***? By the director of Gundam Wing, and boy does it show.
Cockpit, The OAV? ***1/2 Matsumoto tries out gritty WWII drama. Half the characters still look like Harlock, Tochiro, and Maetel though.
Code Geass Ep1-3 **1/2 CLAMP kids rebel against the cruel Britannia Empire, with robots and mind-control.
Combustible Campus Guardress Ep1-4 *** early-90s psychic action parody
Cowboy Bebop Ep1-26o Mov a ****1/2 the new look of cool... excellent sci-fi/cowboy/action/comedy/drama
Coyote Ragtime Show, The Ep1-2 ***1/2? Mix a bit of Bebop, Trigun, Lupin, Sol Bianca, Loligoths... holds up for a couple episodes, anyway.
Crayon Shin Chan Eps? Movs? *** buri buri... run in fear. wacky kiddy-yet-not comedy.
Crest of the Stars Eps1-12 a ***1/2 Space opera about a boy drafted into alien nobility. Based on novels
Crusher Joe Mov OAV1 *** More 80's sci-fi action with a bit of comedy
Crystal Blaze Ep1 ***? Mystery detective action? Girls mysteriously turned to living glass.
Cyborg 009 (2) Ep1-2 *** One of those serious yet very goofy 70's action shows.
Dai Mahou Touge Ep1-8,O ***1/2 Umm, yeah. Magical girl show on the violent crack.
Daigard Ep1 **1/2? newish big robot show. nothing special?
Darker Cat OAV? *1/2 Magic cats fight ill-defined evil the turns people into tentacle monsters. Fairly horrible.
Darker Than Black Ep1-26 a ***3/4 People get superpowers with a price; become spies, mercenaries.
Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini Ep1-6,8-12 ***3/4 Two years later, contractors' lives still kind of suck.
Daughter of 20 Faces Ep1-22 a **** Hybrid of Lupin III and Roger the Negotiator takes a girl on airship adventures in thievery
Deadman Wonderland Ep1 ? School kid framed for horrific crimes, sent to amusement park prison, gets superpowers
Death Billiards OAV ***3/4 Anime Mirai project. An interesting and well-animated character study over a single game of pool.
Demon City Shinjuku Mov *** decent demons-invade-Tokyo flick
Denno Coil Ep1-3,5-26a **** kids have adventures in a nifty augmented-reality world
Denpa Teki na Kanojo OAV1 **3/4 High school murder mystery. with odd girl who thinks she's a knight
Descendent of Darkness       see Yami no Matsuei
Detective Conan Ep1-3? **1/2 kid detective, a tad cheesy
Detroit Metal City Ep1-2 **? quiet kid accidentally ends up fronting death metal band
Devils and Realist Ep1-2 **3/4? aka Makai Ouji. Victorian skeptic kid turns out to be reincarnation of Solomon, and Elector of Hell. This causes problems.
Digimon Ep? ** eh... more boring than Pokemon.
Dirty Pair OAVs? Movs? ***1/2 the old ones are good stuff. sci-fi action/comedy.
DNA^2 Ep1-2? ***1/2 sitcom fun with a little SF
Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Eps1-4 a ***1/3 A lot of mafia shoot-out type goings-on in the near future.
Dogtato Eps1-10 *** Kid-oriented surrealist tale of vegetable-animals, in 3min installments.
Dominion Tank Police Eps? *** ok police/mecha show, but patlabor's better
Dragonball Z Ep(US)1-192?
Movs? c
*** it's... dragonball. Ok when Toriyama humor shows through, tedious in long fights.
Dragon Half OAV1-2 a ****1/2 You can't have the tomato, it's mine. Wonderful fantasy parody insanity.
Durarara! Ep1-24 a **** Tons of characters cavort in modern Tokyo, with a headless motorcyclist.
Earthian OAV1-4 *** Angels blend in to judge the Earth, meet bishonen andriods.
Ebichu Eps1-8,11-14 **1/2 Hideaki Anno continues going insane with a perverted show about a hamster.
Eden of the East Eps1-11, Mov1-2 **** GitS:SAC director and Honey&Clover chara designs in tale of amnesiac secret agent
El Hazard OAV1-7 **** As with Tenchi, 1st season is excellent. Pretty fantasy.
Emma       see Victorian Romance Emma
Escaflowne Ep1-8 Mov **** Standard "schoolgirl transported to fantasy world", but well done.
Eternal Family OAV? a **1/2 Studio 4C being utterly weird with a future reality-TV premise
Eureka Seven Ep1-4 ****? Sky-surfing giant robots! Off to a good start.
EVA, Evangelion       see Neon Genesis Evangelion
Eve no Jikan Ep1-4 ***1/2 Exploring the consequences of sentient android servants.
Excel Saga Ep1-6,?-? **** ai janai.. absolutely nuts parody, best since Dragon Half
Eyeshield 21 Ep2-4,7 *** Your standard shonen sports series, with American football.
Fake OAV *** gay NY cops solve murders in the English countryside
Figure 17 Ep1-13a ***1/2 Young girl moves to Hokkaido, gains symbiotic relationship with crash-landed alien.
Final Fantasy OAV1-4 a *** FF5 sequel-story... coulda been better
Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children mov ***1/2 Pretty.
Fire Tripper OAV ***1/2 a good Rumic World story. time-travel to warring-states Japan.
Five Star Stories Mov ***1/2 one story from Nagano's intricate SF epic.
Fist of the North Star       see Hokuto no Ken
FLAG Ep1-3 ***? A photojournalist covers a war with a UN mecha team
FLCL (Furi-Kuri) Ep1-6 a **** new Gainax SF/comedy on more acid than usual. A LOT more.
Flying Ghost Ship Mov *** Old movie, key anim by Miyazaki. Rather like Scooby Doo, only with tragedy.
Fractale Ep1-4 ***1/2? AR-enabled future controlled by failing satellite system; visuals drawing really heavily on Ghibli
Free! Ep1-12 ***2/3 Hot high school boys doing hot swimming things. Pretty well made actually.
Fruits Basket Ep1-26 a ***1/2 Orphaned girl meets guys who turn into Chinese zodiac animals. Cuteness/friendship/ANGST
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Ep?x3 *** Spastic side-stories to what I hear was originally a war story
Full Moon wo Sagashite Ep1-2 *** Girl with throat cancer wants to be a singer, gets help from shinigami
Fushigi Yuugi Eps? *** Fugi all the time.. er, or whatever. popular fantasy.
Futatsu no Spica       see Twin Spica
Future Boy Conan Ep1-9,11-26 ***1/2 70s TV series by The Man, Miyazaki... sort of proto-Laputa
G Gundam Ep1-44,46-49 **** Completely wacky Gundam alternate universe with Street Fighter-esque tournaments
Ga-Rei Zero Ep1-3 ***1/2 Everyone dies, then show gets going. Crazy Japanese ghostbusters.
GadGard Ep1-3 ***1/2 jazzy.. shiny cubes turn into robots.. and stuff?
Gag Manga Biyori Ep1,4 ? Er... yeah? what? Shorts in a sketchy style.
Galaxy Express 999 Mov1-2 c, Ep1 ***1/2 older Matsumoto space drama with train and...
Galaxy Exp 999: Eternal Fantasy OAV1-2 ***1/2 ...newer space drama with train Matsumoto.. but it's all Matsumoto.
Galilei Donna Ep1 ? Decendents of Galileo are hunted by the govt?
Gall Force OAVs? *** decent old SF... many chicks in space.
Gallery Fake Ep1-4,6-8 ***1/2 Surprisingly engrossing tale of a rogue art dealer
Gambling Apocalypse KaijiEp1-3,13-17,19-22**1/2 Loser suckered by yakuza into high-stakes... rock paper scissors?
Gankutsuo Ep1-24 a ****1/2 Gonzo infuses The Count of Monte Christo with an insane style
Gatchaman Eps? **1/2 Dare da!?.. old school low budget TV action. Camp value.
Gatchaman CROWDS Ep1 **? Odd remake with flashy designs, annoying characters.
Geddo Senki       see Tales of Earthsea
Genius Party Ep1,2,4,6,7 ***1/2 Studio 4C gets some directors together for avant-garde shorts. Some are fun!
Genius Party Beyond Ep1-5 a ***1/2 More arty stuff, mostly very pretty, occasionally comprehensible.
Genshiken Ep1-12, OAV1-3a ****1/2 Your local anime club, the series. So true it hurts.
Genshiken 2 Ep1-12a ****1/2 Continuing where we left off, still totally awesome.
Genshiken Nidaime Ep1-13 **** And more. This is the all-fujoshi arc.
Gestalt Ep1-2? ***1/2 Fantasy about a battle between sorcerors. Pretty.
Getsumen to Heiki Mina Ep1 **1/2? The "meta-show" from Densha Otoko; bunny-girls from space
Ghiblies Ep1-2 *** Wacky autobiographical hijinks in studio Ghibli
Ghost in the Shell Mov ***1/2 Well-animated SF movie, shades of Blade Runner in contemplating cyborgs' souls.
GitS: Arise OVA 1- ***1/2? New prequel/origin story
GitS: Innocence Mov **** New sequel, extremely pretty, more Oshii musings on humantiy.
GitS: Stand-Alone Complex Ep1-6,8-13,15,17-26 ***1/2 High-budget TV series, alternate timeline from the movie.
GitS: SAC: Solid State Society Mov ***1/2 Movie for the new continuity (comes after 2nd Gig).
Giant Killing Ep1-26 a **** Sarcastic unconventional manager whips team of soccer noobs into shape.
Giant Robo Ep1-7 a ****1/2 Giant Robo! old-school, yet not. much goodness.
Giant Robo: Ginrei Specials Ep1-3 a ***1/2 Three extra episodes, from serious to extra-silly.
Gingitsune Ep1 ? A young shrine maiden tries to get along with the giant fox spirit that's a conduit to the gods
Gintama Ep1-5 *** Aliens have invaded Japan's Edo era, and made it utterly wacky.
Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Mov **** Slice-of-life with time glitches! I liked it.
Glass Maiden       see Crystal Blaze
Glass Mask Ep1-3 *** old shoujo series about a girl who wants to act in a theater
Gokusen Ep1-4 ***1/2 New teacher at a thug school turns out to be yakuza material. Live action version is more fun.
Golgo 13 Ep1-4,7,9-10 *** New show animating really old franchise about stoic sniper
Good Morning Althea OAV ** Archetypal 80s SF: Robots, naked chick, evil AI, lasers, singing, etc.
Gosick Ep1-3 ***? Secluded genius girl in fictional Euro country solves mysteries with transfer student
Grave of the Fireflies Mov **** depressing but good Studio Ghibli film about two kids in fire-bombed WWII Japan
Gravitation Ep1-4 ***? another shonen-ai show with pretty J-rockers. Starring the love-child of Omi (WK) and Mylenne (Mac7).
Green Legend Ran Mov? **1/2 odd SF flick. reportedly some US-release cuts made it more confusing.
Grey: Digital Target Mov *** Distopian SF action so 80s it hurts.
Grrl Power OAV1 a ***1/2 Despite horrible US title, a charming one-off. With sign language.
Guin Saga Ep1 **3/4? Orphaned royal twins find amnesiac leopard-headed super-strong warrior
Gunbuster - Aim for the Top! OAV1-6 a *** pre-EVA Gainax robot/angsty teen action
Gundam (Mobile Suit) Mov 1-3 ***1/2 Movie compilation covers the entire first series of giant robots going to war.
Gundam 00 Ep1-25 a ***3/4 New shiny series in A.D. timeline. Gundams fight to end war for everlasting peace.
Gundam 00 season 2 Ep1-25 a ***3/4 Time-skipped 4 years ahead, taking a very Zeta direction.
Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Ep1-7,9-13 ***3/4 Further original-timeline plot: Anavel Gato is the Badass
Gundam: 08th MS Team Ep 1-12, Mov, OAV a **** Gritty jungle-fighting OAV side-story to the original. Movie takes place partway through
Gundam Age Ep1-49 a *** A new multi-generation saga. The middle generation is decent...
Gundam Build Fighters Ep1 ? Plastic toy selling at its most blatant, but oh the references
Gundam Seed Ep1-50 a **** Another alternate retelling of the prototypical Gundam story arc
Gundam Seed Destiny Ep1-50 a *** ...annnnd it keeps going. Still lookin' pretty, but falls apart a bit towards the end.
Gundam Wing Ep1-39 a *** Gundam in a spin-off continuity with angsty pretty-boys
Gunnm / Battle Angel OAV1-2 a **** SF with a great story... depressing end
.hack//LIMINALITY OAV1 ***? sequel to the below, distributed with the .hack video game, which is so meta- it hurts.
.hack//SIGN Ep1-3 ***1/2 "fantasy", but takes place inside a multiplayer online RPG world. Looks cool, with a few gamer in-jokes.
Haibane Renmei Ep1-2 ***1/2 Some kids get wings and halos. Why? Nobody knows.
Hajime no Ippo Ep1-3 **1/2 Another 80's boxing anime. 's ok.
Hakaima Sadamitsu Ep1-10a **** Heroic thug fights aliens with bokken, trenchcoat, power armor, and mariachi music.
Harlock Saga OAV1-2 *** still more Matsumoto, newer Harlock based on Wagner.
Hataraki Man Ep1-5 *** The travails of an overworked female magazine editor. Nice shoujou-ish style
Hataraku Maou-sama Ep1-13a ***1/2 A demon lord from a fantasy world winds up in Tokyo, has to earn a living.
Hayate the Combat Butler Ep1-3 ***1/2 goofy comedy about a kid who signs up to protect a rich girl
Hell Teacher Nube Ep1-4 Mov? *** Elementary school and demons. Best use of Beethoven's 9th in an OP.
Hellsing Ep1-3 ** Vampires with guns hunting vampires. More gore than style, unfortunately.
Hellsing Ultimate OAV1-2 *** This version is more stylish and evidently truer to the manga. Still full of gore.
Here is Greenwood       see Koko wa Greenwood
Heroic Legend of Arislan OAV1-6 a?c ***1/2 very pretty, slow plot, semi-historical fantasy action/drama
Hetalia, Axis Powers Ep1-21 ***3/4 Comedy shorts with personified countries, mostly in WWII
Hi no Tori Ep1-3 ***1/2 aka Osama Tezuka's Pheonix. A classic manga given high-quality anime treatment.
High School of the Dead Ep1-2 ** otherwise by-the-book zombie flick derailed by ludicrous fanservice
Hikaru no Go Ep1-3 ***1/2 Young kid awakens ghost of bishounen Go master who helps him play.
Hitsuji no Uta Ep1-3 **? Schoolboy has to deal with the hereditary disease of vampirism.
Hokuto no Ken Mov **1/2 personally, I can do without post-apocalyptic musclebound guys making heads explode... (but another half-point for Kevin)
Hokuto no Ken (Shin) OAV1 ** looks slicker, and this time you can see brains. yay.
Honey and Clover Ep1-24 a **** Shenanigans of starving art students. Fun! But beware 2nd season angst attacks.
Honey and Clover 2 Ep1-12 a ***1/2 More!
Hoshi no Koe       see Voices of a Distant Star
House of Five Leaves Ep1-2 ***+? Hapless ronin inadvertently joins kind-hearted kidnappers. Pretty.
Howl's Moving Castle Mov ****1/2 New Miyazaki, based on a European book. Very pretty, only drawback a somewhat abrupt ending.
Hyouge Mono Ep1 ? An officer working under Nobunaga really likes teapots...
I Can Hear the Sea       see Umi ga Kikoeru
I Wish You Were Here Ep1 ***? Nanotech-powered soldiers fight alien virus menace - has an angsty military unit atmosphere.
Infinite Ryvius Ep1-26a **** Sci-Fi series; kids in training are stranded on a secret battleship.
Initial D Ep1-10 ***? Show about car buffs. Budget CG. Nice voice actors. Fun in a this-is-really-bad sort of way.
Iria - Zeiram the Animation OAV1-6 ao **** Excellent SF OAV series.
Irresponsible Captain Tyler Ep1-26 ***1/2 Fun semi-parody SF show
Jellyfish Princess       see Kuragehime
Jibaku-kun Ep1 *** looks bizarre. could be interesting. fantasy/parody
Jin-Roh Mov ***1/2 psychodrama and counter-counter-espionage center on a tormented riot cop
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Ep 1 ? Humanity in decline, a girl mediates with deceptively adorable faeries. No idea where this is going.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep1 ? New animation of long-running shonen series tells story of Jojo and the psychotic Dio from the beginning.
Jubei-chan Ep1 *** samurai warlord inhabits schoolgirl through lovely eyepatch...
Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu Ep1.1-3,2.1 *** crack-induced tale of jungle boy meets odd girl with a surreal world in her stomache
Junk Town OAV? ***1/2 Near-future SF short with little dialog about a robot that eats other bots for parts.
K Ep1-4 ***? Everything urban fantasy in a blender - super-powered color-coded factions vie for control.
Kacho Ouji Ep1-13 a **** hard rock saves space... Similar premise to, but totally unlike Macross 7.
Kaikan Phrase Ep1-8 *** pretty boys try to form a band with a lead singer who doesn't care...
Kaito Saint Tail Ep1 **1/2 magical girl thief...
Kaliedo Star Ep1-2,4-5,7-10,OAV1 ***1/2 girl joins the circus.. or maybe the Cirque du Soliel
Kamen no Maid Guy Ep1-2 ** interesting premise (Kenshiro the maid), nonstop dumb fanservice execution.
Kamichu Ep1-7 ***3/4 shy middle-school girl becomes a god but isn't very good at it. Adorable and fun.
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maiden Ep1 **? Tree spirit incarnated as 12-yr-old girl; occasional laughs but mostly moe nonsense
Kara no Kyoukai: Overlooking View OAV1 **1/2 would make more sense if you'd read the novels
Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou Ep1-26 a **** high school comedy/drama from Gainax manages to be spastic, touching, funny and nearly realistic. Last half is horribly inconsistent, though.
Katanagatari Ep1-2 *** Interestingly styled but rather talky tale of no-swords-style vs legendary swords
Kaze no Yojimbo Ep1 ***? modern tale loosely based on Kurosawa's Yojimbo
Kemonozume Ep1-3 *** flesh-eating monsters with moral ambiguity and a really wonky style
Kids on the Slope       see Sakamichi no Apollon
Kiki's Delivery Service Mov ****1/2 Miyazaki is always good. This one is very kid-friendly.
Kiko-chan's Smile Ep1-4? *** Odd little show about a very precocious 4-year-old girl.
Kill La Kill Ep1 ? Scissor blade girl vs student council fascists, from up abnd coming Studio Trigger
Kimagure Orange Road Ep1-8,? OAVs? *** Classic 80's sitcom with the requisite love triangle and a family of ESPers.
Kimi no Todoke Ep1-2 ***+? Everyone is afraid of the shy girl 'cause she looks like Sadako
King of Thorn Mov *** Action/Horror flick infused with Paprika-like shenanigans in addition to usual tropes
Kino no Tabi Ep1-8,10-13 OAV1-2 **** "The Beautiful World". Boy, er, Girl, and motorcycle. Quite zen.
Kodomo no Omocha Ep1-? OAV ***1/2 gradeschool insanity... ultra-relax!
Koko wa Greenwood OAV1-6 a ***1/2 Koko wa a high-school dorm full of weirdos. Good fun.
Kotetsu Sangokushi Ep1 **1/4? Another 3 Kingdoms, with magical spin and shonen-ai overtones
Kujibiki Unbalance OAV1-2 ***1/2 the meta-show from within Genshiken. a bit of everything.
Kuragehime Ep1-11 a **** Apartment of nerd girls, crossdressing political heir, hijinks and geek romance
Kurenai Ep1-3 ***1/2? young contractor is put in charge of a kidnapped rich 6yo girl
Kuroshitsuji Ep1-5 ***1/2 Creepy young British heir and his demonic ass-kicking butler. Effective goth-bait.
Kurozuka Ep1-8 **3/4 Slightly schizophrenic plot involves samurai, vampires, post-apocalyspe.
Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki (KKH) OAV1-2 a *** shounen-ai whiny kid falls for his teacher(s)
Kyo Kara Mao Ep1-15 ***1/2 pretty-boy semi-medieval demons comedy
Kyo Kara Ore wa! OAV1 ***1/2 two odd punks beat on each other and other annoying people
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Ep1-2 **1/2? Catgirl, loli, jellyfish, bioweapon, lion, gay stereotype?
Kyousougiga Ep0-1 ??? Spastic, gorgeous, allegorical. Living in a painting, waiting for the gods/parents to return...
Lain       see Serial Experiments Lain
Laputa, Castle in the Sky Mov o *****    wonderful, beautiful Miyazaki fantasy
Last Exile Ep1-26 a ****1/2 Airships! Intrigue! Great characters! Disturbing villains!
Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Ep1-23 a **** Sequel a few years later with some new characters and old cameos
Laughing Target OAV ***1/2 another Rumic World piece, takahashi does horror
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette OAV1-3 ***? Trippy, creepy, gothic sort-of-horror, so far...
Legend of Galactic Heroes Ep?c Mov ***1/2 Epic space battles, somewhat old-school character design
Level E Ep1-3 ***+? Amnesiac alien imposes on high school baseballer, fights MIB & other aliens
Library War Ep1-12 a ***3/4 It's Farenheit 451, the military comedy/drama! Patlabor with books!
Like the Clouds, Like the Wind Mov ***1/2 historical drama with chara designs by a Ghibli veteran
Little Witch Academia OAV ***3/4 Cute one-shot, surviving a dungeon dive and a dragon; from Anime Mirai
Lost Universe Ep1 ** bland slayers-esque SF
Love Hina Ep1-4 ** standard guy-meets-multiple-girls sitcom. Not so much _bad_ as entirely unoriginal
Loveless Ep1-4 *** Fangirl bait about boys who protect each other.. and have cat-ears when they're virgins.
Lupin III Ep1,? Mov*12 **** Lupin Lupin Lupin Lupin... a classic, usually good, but varies
Lupin III: Woman named Fujiko Mine Ep1-13 a ***3/4 New super-stylish series. Lots of Fujiko boobs, but fun with the old gang and a trippy mystery.
Lupin vs Conan Mov *** Crossover special with tropes from each, slow at times but contains some fun bits.
Mach Go Go Go!       see Speed Racer
Macross Ep1-36 Mov a **** One of the original great SF/mecha series.
Macross 7 Ep1-49+3 Mov **** Listen to my song!!! gotta love it. pop culture will save the universe.
Macross 7 Dynamite Ep1-4 a ***1/2 Side-story/sequel; Basara sings to the space-whales.
Macross Frontier Ep1-25, Mov1-2 ****1/2 2008 series continues to move the timeline forward. Still pretty, more pop songs.
Macross Plus OAV1-4 a **** very nicely animated Macross OAV series
Macross Zero OAV1-5 a ***1/2 New prequel to the Macross saga. Soooo prettttyyyy...
Madoka Magica Ep1-12 **** Magical girl deconstruction. Good at what it sets out to do.
Madox-01 Mov *** Eighties-ish movie about prototype military mecha-suits.
Magic Knight RayEarth Ep1-13? OAV1 *** Clamp fantasy - formulaic until the surprise(?) ending, pretty stuff.
Mahou Tsukai Tai! OAV1-6a TV1 ****1/2 cute, touching, fun semi-parody magic club series
Mahou Yuugi Ep1 ***? 3D animated show about witches; utterly on crack
Mahoujin Guru Guru Ep1 Mov *** super-deformed fantasy/RPG parody. Update: the half-hour movie is on crack.
Maison Ikkoku Ep1-12,?,32 o **** the classic takahashi sitcom/romance
Maria-sama ga Miteiru Ep1-5,8-13,OAV1-3 ***1/2 Life at a Catholic girls' school; like BDB but friendlier
Martian Successor Nadesico Ep14-26 Mov **** Good SF action/drama with lots of anime in-jokes. Minna baka.
Master Keaton Ep6,10-11 ***1/2? Adventures of an investigator for Lloyd's of London.
Master Mosquiton OAV1-6a TV1-? **** Wonderful vampire action/comedy.. A unique atmosphere. I like the OAVs
Megazone 23 OAV1-2 *** oldschool SF with matrix-ish plot
Meine Liebe Ep1-6 ** Excuse for lots of pretty boys w/ famous voices wearing frilly uniforms
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Ep1-14 ***1/2 An insane girl, and the club she creates for her entertainment
Melty Lancer OAV1 ** some videogame SF/fantasy fluff
Memories Mov ***1/2 art film -ish... all 3 separate parts are pretty creepy.
Mermaid's Forest/Scar OAVs? *** darker-than-usual takahashi series
Mermaid's Forest (Rumic Theater 2) Ep1-3 **1/2 newer TV re-make of the above...
Metropolis Mov **** Osama Tezuka. Rintaro. Katsuhiro Otomo. pretty.
Michiko e Hatchin Ep1-8 ***1/2 From Champloo team, bad-girl convict and waif in fictionalized Brazil
Midori no Hibi Ep1-4,12-13 ***1/2 Boy's hand turns into girl, hijinks ensue. Actually not bad.
Millennium Actress Mov **** From Satoshi Kon, an actress chases the phantom of love across a generation of film.
MindGame Mov ***1/2 Studio 4C messes with your head some more...
Mini-Pato Ep1-3a ****? super-deformed Patlabor characters explain odd things. Ep 2 is the winner.
Minky Momo Mov1? Ep2,42 *** classic mahou shoujo...
Mirage of Blaze Ep1-3 ***? modern-day bishounen reincarnated fuedal warlords
Mobile Police Patlabor       see Patlabor
Mobile Suit Gundam (etc)       see Gundam
Moldiver Ep1-2? **1/2 some powersuit comedy thing...
Mononoke Ep1-2 ***? Stylized, almost woodcut-esque tale of demons in fuedal Japan
Mononoke Hime Mov ***** Miyazaki's man/nature fantasy masterpiece, version 2
Monster Ep1-4 ***1/2 new drama, starts w/ hospital politics, veers into crime/horror.
Mouretsu Space Pirates Ep1-26 a **** Schoolgirls in space, amazingly non-pandery, retro SF love
Moyashimon Ep1-11 a ***3/4 Guy who can see adorable micro-organisms goes to ag. school
Moyashimon Returns! Ep1-11 a ***3/4 More! Yay! Still adorable and educational.
Mugen no Ryvius       see Infinite Ryvius
Mushishi Ep1-12 **** Mellow guy investigates nature spirits. Think Kino Mononoke
My HiME Ep2-4,9 *** some kids with elemental powers... not sure where its going yet.
My Neighbor Totoro Mov o ****1/2 classic Miyazaki kids film
My Neighbors the Yamadas Mov **** new Ghibli film with interesting sketchy art style and vignette-based pacing.
Nabari no Ou Ep1-4 *** Ninjas! They're hiding in your high school. Honest.
Nanako SOS Ep1? ***? another odd old magical girl show. I am the egg of romance!
Narutaru Ep1 ***? aka Shadow Star. Kids with aliens. Gets angsty later on.
Naruto Ep48-50 **1/2 your standard shounen fighting show, this time with ninjas
Nasu: Summer in Andalusia OAV1,2 **** Atmospheric piece about a bike race, and things. Ghibli-esque
Natsu no Arashi Ep1-6 **3/4 Kid meets ghost of WWII-era schoolgirl, time travelling hijinks ensue.
Natsuki Crisis Ep1-2 *** Very very 80s; high school girl martial artists beat on thugs, each other.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ep1-11 a ***3/4 Josei story about a lady running a flower shop, the guy who likes her, and her dead husband's ghost.
Natsume Yuujincho Ep1-9 ***1/2 Guy sets out to return names to spirits his grandmother defeated.
Nausicaa of the
Valley of the Wind
Mov ***** Miyazaki's man/nature fantasy masterpiece, version 1
Nazca Ep1-12 ac ***1/2 Battle of the reincarnated Inca warriors. Pretty and unusual char designs
Needless Ep1 **?? Three letters: WTF??
NeiA_7 Ep1-2 ***1/2 Near-future slice-of-life show with aliens. Looks good so far.
Neko no Ongaeshi       see Cat Returns, The
Nekojiru-sou OAV *** extrmely surreal artsy piece with anthropomorphic cats
Neo-Tokyo OAV ***1/2 Experimental shorts by usual suspects like Rin Taro and Katsuhiro Otomo
Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep1-24?, Mov1 ***1/2 popular Gainax apocalyptic mecha series
Nichijou Ep1 ? Cute girls doing cute things, but with added insanity ala Cromartie.
Ninja Scroll Mov **1/2 gory ninja flick
Nodame Cantabile Ep1-23 a ***3/4 conductor boy meets piano-genius girl who's out of her mind
Noir Ep1-3 *** female assassins kick ass, search for their past, to good techno
Noiseman Sound Insect Mov? a *** Spastic and surreal short film
Now and Then, Here and There Ep1-13 a **** terrible things happen to child soldiers in a bleak future. but quite well done.
Nuku Nuku       see All-Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku-Nuku
Occult Academy Ep1-2,4,8,11-13 *** Girl hates occult, ends up running academy and thwarting Nostradamus.
Oh! My Goddess!       see Aa! Megamisama!
Oishinbo Ep1-2 *** A culinary genius works for a newspaper. 80's vintage.
Ojyaru Maru Eps? **? Japanese history- and legend-themed wackiness for little kids.
Okojo-san Ep1 ***? Two words are sufficient: gangster ferret.
Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo Ep1-2 ***1/2 What happens when magical girls outgrow their costume...
Omoide Poro Poro Mov ***1/2 Ghibli movie about growing up and the japanese countryside...
On Your Mark video **** Miyazaki did a music video.. so of course it's beautiful. Nausicaa-ish in theme.
One Outs Ep1-3 ***? From the Kaiji team, this time combines gambling with baseball
One Piece Ep1-2 ***? Comedy about pirates, starring a guy made of rubber
Only Yesterday       see Omoide Poro Poro
Ookiku Furikabutte Ep4-9 *** HS baseball: pitcher with no self-confidence gets help from his catcher
Otaku no Video OAV1-2 a ****1/2 required viewing, anime fan self-parody
Otome Yokai Zakuro Ep1-3 **1/2 Meiji soldier team up with half-spirits to fight demons, Ouran-like hijinks ensue.
Ouran High Host Club Ep1-2,4,9-10,
**** Pretty boys ruling high school with a twist. More fun than your average fangirl-bait.
Overdrive Ep1-2 *** Bike racing with your traditional lamer hero with passion
Overman King Gainer Ep1-5 ***1/2? new mecha/SF show. Best opening sequence EVAR.
Ozanari Dungeon Ep? **1/2 random fantasy
Pale Cocoon OAV? ***1/2 Arty sci-fi short about archivist obsessed with pre-disaster life on Earth
Panty & Stocking 3Eps ***?? Insanity from Gainax, in a variety of styles often inspired by US toons.
Paprika Mov **** Another beautiful Satoshi Kon movie; this one _explicitly_ merges dreams and reality
Paradise Kiss Ep1-12 a ***1/2 Based on manga about fashion design students; expectedly stylish
Paranoia Agent Ep1-9 **** Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress) brings his trademark what-is-real style to a TV series
Patarilo Ep1-10,? Mov ***1/2 old-school bishounen on TV. Weird-ass semi-shoujo often-yaoi comedy.
Patarilo Saiyuki Ep1-3 **1/2 Disappointing, compared to the original.
Patlabor Ep1-? OAV?-?
Mov1-3 o
**** Excellent sitcom/drama/police show. Unusually good characterisation.
Pet Shop of Horrors Ep1-3 *** Cautionary tales with dangerous pets.
Perfect Blue Mov ***1/2 mind-through-the-wringer psychological drama about an ex-idol singer.
Photon Ep1-2 *** oddish SF/fantasy comedy. some fun bits.
Ping Pong Club Ep1-?,? * gack.. oog.. tickles the gag reflex, intentionally.
Planetes Ep1-26 a **** People clean up space debris. Lots more fun than it sounds.
Please Save My Earth Ep1-6 Mov a *** pretty Psi/SF/stuff, unfortunately with no ending
Pokemon Eps? ** pika?
Pon Poko Mov **** somewhat odd but touching eco-fable from Ghibli
Ponyo by the Sea Mov **** Perhaps the most surreal and self-indulgent thing Miyazaki's done. Still awesome.
Porco Rosso Mov **** Miyazaki does a pig in a biplane, period piece.
Prefectural Earth Defense Force Ep1-3 a ***1/2 fun parody. beware faceless minions.
Princess Tutu Ep1-26 **** Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and fairy tale deconstuction via Mahou Shoujou.
Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva mov ***3/4 Like the games without the game, but still lots of fun.
Project A-Ko Mov1-4 **** the canonical anime sci-fi parody. good stuff.
Project Blue SOS Ep1 ***1/2? Retro-future sci-fi adventure. Revels in its cheesiness.
Psycho Pass Ep1-22 ****1/3 Cop show in dystopia where criminal mental states are judged by a central computer. Nifty future-tech.
Project Blue SOS Ep1 ***1/2? Retro-future sci-fi adventure. Revels in its cheesiness.
Puni Puni Poemi OAV1-2 a ***? Parody magic-girl show, spin-off of Excel Saga. If you thought that show was on crack...
Queen Emeraldas Ep1-2 c *** still more Matsumoto.
Ranma 1/2 Ep1-? OAV1-?
Mov1-2 o
*** Canonical takahashi. Some is good, mid-season TV bogs down in random crud.
Re: Cutey Honey OAV1-2 ***? Re-make. Go Nagai + Hideaki Anno = completely over the top.
Read Or Die Ep1-3 a **** Cool new OAV series, literate Superheroes vs Evil Geniuses - very stylish.
R.O.D. TV Ep1-7 ***1/2 semi-sequel to the OAVs... more paper power.
Record of Lodoss War Ep1-? *** pretty fantasy, very D&D.
Red Garden Ep1-3 **1/2? High school murder mystery devolves into supernatural monster fighitng.
Redline Mov ***3/4? The most over-the-top racing movie to ever top the over.
Revolutionary Girl Utena Ep1-39 Mov ao *****    The way before you has been prepared. You have no choice but to watch this series and revolutionize the world.
RideBack Ep1-12 a **** Ex-ballet dancer discovers aptitude for riding mecha-cycles.
Risky Safety Ep1-2 **1/2? depressive girl meets itty-bitty god of death and guardian angel
Robotics;Notes Ep1-22 ***1/3 Near-future mecha fangirl wants to build her own giant robot in HS club
Rocket Girls Ep1-2 *** Fledgling Solomon Island space program recruits girls because they're light.
Romeo's Blue Skies Ep1-4 ***? Orphen waif in Europe. Quite Ghibli-esque charater animation.
Ronin Warriors Ep1-39 OAV1-2 *** the usual 5-man team in mystic armor vs demonic forces.
Rurouni Kenshin Ep1-62,?
OAV1-3 c
**** meiji-era swordplay and sitcom. Excellent in the good story arcs...
Rose of Versailles Ep1-40 a ***1/2 70's shoujo classic about a female french royal guard... foreshadows Utena
Roujin Z Mov ***1/2 From the Akira guy; a high-tech bed for the elderly runs amok
Ryoko Case Files Ep1-2 *** Slightly crazy lady cop investigates seemingly supernatural crimes.
Sadamitsu the Destroyer       see Hakaima Sadamitsu
Sailor Moon, S, R, SS Eps? Movs? **1/2 sailor moon.
Saint Seiya Mov ** some old 'boys in magic armor' flick
Saint Young Men OAV1 ***1/2 The Jesus and The Buddha rent a flat in Tokyo.
Saishu Heiki Kanojo Ep1-3 ***? aka "My Girlfriend, the Ultimate Weapon"
Sakamichi no Apollon Ep1-12 a ****1/2 From the Bebop team, period high school kids and jazz. Amazing writing and music.
Saki Ep1-2 ***? Super mahjong schoolgirls. Fun over the top mahjong, but heavy on the fanservice.
Sakigake! Cromartie High Ep1-16 ***1/2 like Azumanga with thugs. and robots. and Freddy Mercury.
Salaryman Kintaro Ep1 ***? Ex-biker-thug turns white-collar. Think GTO in an office building.
Samurai Champloo Ep1-9,13-26 **** The creator of Cowboy Bebop brings us hip-hop samurai action
Samurai Flamenco Ep1 ? Some sort of tokusatsu parody maybe?
Sargeant Frog Ep1-2 *** goofball comedy about invading militant alien frogs
Sasuga no Sarutobi Ep1-3 ***? 80s comedy about a rotund ninja at school, aka Clever Sarutobi
Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei Ep1-14 **** Suicidal teacher meets deluded cheerful girl. Stylish and weird.
Scramble Wars OAV? *** SD AIC properties (Bubblegum Crises, Gal Force, Gaiarth) meet Wacky Races.
SD Gundam Ep?1-4? ***1/2 good surreal fun with cute little killer robots
Sequence OAV **1/2 random shoujo semi-sci-fi one-shot
Seraphim Call Ep1 *1/2 dating-sim-derived fluff
Sergeant Frog Mov1 *** straightforward romp for fans of the TV show
Serial Experiments Lain Ep1-13 a ****1/2 leave this world, enter the next, and twist your mind doing it...
Seto no Hanayome Ep1-2 *** boy is rescued by cute mermaid, forced to marry. into her yakuza family.
Sexy Commando Sugoiyo! Masaru-san Ep1-4 ***? More crack. High school hijinks with... unorthodox... fighting techniques.
Shadow Skill Mov ** um.. some fantasy fighting thing
Shangri-La Ep1-24 a ***3/4 freedom fighters in a global warming dystopia. Range murata char designs.
She and her Cat OAV *** very short impressionistic piece by the 'Hoshi no Koe' guy.
Shiki Ep1-3 **1/2 Slow building horror; Japanese rural town fails to realize they have vampires.
Shin Sekai Yori Ep1-25 a **** A millenia after PK powers decimate mankind, students discover secrets of their closely controlled pastoral world
Shin Tetsuwan Atom Ep1-2 *** aka Astro Boy New Adventures. Very shiny.
Shinesman OAV1-2 ***1/2 SF/comedy: self-parody of the Sentai genre (think Power Rangers)
Shinryaku! Ika Musume Ep1 ***? What's squid-girl going to do tonight? Try to take over the world.
Shoujo Kakumei Utena       see Revolutionary Girl Utena
Silent Mobius Mov ***1/2 decent SF/demons stuff
Skull Man, The Ep1 ***? Reporter tracks down masked vigilante? Nice retro style.
Slam Dunk Ep? ** something about a redhead and basketball...
Slayers Eps? Mov? *** generic fantasy/comedy, has its moments
Sol Bianca OAVs? *** older SF show, band of female pirates
Song of the Wind and the Trees OAV? *** Shounen-ai adaption from manga about a tramp with problems at a french boarding school.
Sora no Manimani Ep1-2 ***? High school astronomy club hijinks
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Ep1-12? **1/2 action/comedy fantasy, lots of filler and annoying characters obscure a possibly decent plot arc
S.S.Orphen Revenge Ep1 ** quite fluff-looking sequel to the above
Soul Eater Ep4-6 **1/3 Shounen formula demon hunting, though with a funky Hot Topic aesthetic.
Space Adventure Cobra Ep1-4 ***? old school goofy space pirate action
Space Brothers Ep1-14 ***? Realistic look at becoming a near-future astronaut, but moves so slow...
Speed Grapher Eps1-2 ? photojournalist in dystopian tokyo where money and violence rule.
Speed Racer Eps? ** you knwo what this is...
Spirit of Wonder OAV *** decent magical-realism OAV
Spirited Away Mov ****1/2 another great Miyazaki flick about a girl making her way through a world of spirits and gods
Spriggan Mov ***3/4 Pretty animation, amazing action sequences, and almost a plot! Sort of a modern Akira.
Star Driver Ep1-4 ***? Add Utena, Ouran, maybe a bit of G Gundam and Sailor Moon; blend.
Steel Angel Kurumi Ep1 *1/2 total nuku-nuku ripoff, with no cat
Steins;Gate Ep1 ? Delusional mad-scientist nerd stumbles onto time travel? Maybe?
Stellvia Ep1-2 *** Shy girl goes to academy in space...
Suisei no Gargantia Ep1-14a ****1/3 Hyper-tech space soldier accidentally stranded on water-world Earth. Solid and fun SF.
Summer Wars Mov ****1/2 A touching tale of family ties and rougue A.I., and the best social network ever
Super Atragon OAVs? ** random SF invasion
Super GALS Ep1-3,6,8 ***1/2 Spastic ko-gals terrorize the Shibuya shopping district.
Sweat Punch Ep1-4 *** Unrelated shorts of Studio 4C weirdness; some fun, some baffling.
Sword of the Stranger Mov ***3/4 A bloody samurai flick. It's pretty good! And has a fluffy dog.
Take the X Train OAV **1/2 arty Rin Taro piece with a ghost train and some Duke Ellington
Tale of Genji Mov ***1/2 historical drama based on the famous novel
Tales of Earthsea Mov ***3/4 Miyazaki's son Goro takes on LeGuin. Pretty, but he needs more experience directing.
Tamala 2010: a Punk Cat in Space Mov ***1/2 A fscking strike! Funky surrealism, but the exposition zombie needed to be drop-kicked sooner.
Tattoon Master Ep1-2? ** random fantasy/sitcom, derivative of UY et al.
Tegami Batchi Ep1-3 *** Delivering the mail in a starlit fantasy world, shooting mechanical bugs with your heart.
Tekkon Kinkreet Mov ***3/4 visually arresting tale of two boys up against yakuza, change, and darker forces
Tenamonya Voyagers OAV1 ? no idea
Tenchi Muyo Ep1-13,?
Mov1-2 o
**** Pioneer's franchise SF/sitcom. first season is excellent, many spinoffs go downhill fast.
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Ep1-27 a ***3/4 New craziness from Gainax, with robots, guns, melodrama, & many drills
Tentai Senshi Sunred Ep1-7 *** Unemployed sentai 'hero' and his pathetic villains pal around
Tetsuko no Tabi Ep1 ***? Aspiring manga artist tricked into traveling with train otaku.
Texhnolyze Ep1-3 ***1/2? obtuse bleak SF from the Lain team. Interesting. Maybe.
They Were 11 Mov ***1/2 Another decent old SF flick... intrigue on a space cadet testing mission.
Tiger and Bunny Ep1-25, Mov1 **** Two corporate-sponsored superheroes team up odd-couple style.
To Aru Majutsu no Index Ep1-7 **1/2 Loser kid with magic-negating hand meets nun with magic library in her head
Tokyo Godfathers Mov **** A winter tale from Satoshi Kon
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Ep1-4,7 *** Relatively realistic depiction of the aftermath of a massive urban quake
Tokimeki Tonight Ep1-2 ***1/2 The daughter of a werewolf and a vampire comes of age, wacky hi-jinks ensue. But it's good, really.
Tonde Buurin Ep1-2? **1/2 magical girl-pig... ai ai buurin...
Toradora Ep1-25+ex a ***3/4 Guy with scary eyes meets fierce but short girl. Romantic comedy, mostly
Toshokan Sensou       see Library War
Totoro       see My Neighbor Totoro
Towards the Terra Mov ***1/2 Good (though a bit slow) oldschool SF flick. Reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica meets Gundam newtypes.
Towards the Terra TV Ep1-4 *** much later re-make in a much longer format. shiny but slow
Tower of Druaga Ep1 ***- First ep is hilarious parady, the rest boring fantasy based on inexplicably popular NES game
Transformers Ep1-? Mov *** more than meets the eye.
Trapeze Ep1-2 ***? Experimental weirdness centering around a psychiatrist with multiple forms
Trigun Ep1-16? o **** fantasy SF/western... excellent fun, rockin' OP.
Tweeny Witches Ep1-4 *** Magic girls with a Burton-esque aesthetic.
Twelve Kingdoms Ep1-45 a **** Fantasy with (gasp) actual character development. Woo!
Twilight of the Cockroaches Mov ***1/2 interesting, but rather odd, war/drama epic about, well, cockroaches. Live/anime mix.
Twin Signal Ep1-2? *** chibi androids and bishounen androids... silly premises, but decent fluff
Twin Spica Ep1-10 *** Girl with sad story wants to be an astronaut, ghost helps out.
Tytania Ep1-26 a ***1/2 An experiment in what would happen if LoGH met Captain Tylor.
Uchouten Kazoku Ep1-2 ***? Tanuki and Tengu blend in to modern-day Kyoto.
Umi ga Kikoeru Mov **** Real-world Ghibli film about High School and people.
Umisho Ep1-2 ** HS swim team show with the expected amount of fanservice.
Urban Square Mov *** 80s crime action/drama with a reluctant leading man.
Urusei Yatsura Ep1-13,75,? OAVs
Mov1-6 o
****1/2 classic Takahashi sitcom. Obnoxious aliens pester high-schoolers. gotta love it.
Ushio and Tora Ep1-3? *** inadvertent demon-hunter and his inadvertent monster sidekick...
Valkyria Chronicles 3 OAV1-2 a ***1/2 A couple missions, with cameos from the first game. Reasonably fun.
Valvrave the Liberator Ep1-12 ***??? Gundam-ish SF, but completely insane... keeps topping itself, not always in a good way.
Vampire Hunter D Mov ***1/2 classic vampire flick. mmmm.. Amano character designs.
Vampire Princess Miyu OAV1-6a TV9? **** really well done vampire series, especially the OAVs
Victorian Romance Emma Ep1-12, 0-12 **** meticulously researched period piece, fun and refreshing
Video Girl Ai OAV1-3? *** decent sitcom, sometimes depressing
Villgust OAV?1-2 a **1/2 super-deformed fantasy. Cute, but utterly derivative fluff.
Violinist of Hamelin Ep1-2? ** interesting concept, no budget
Voices of a Distant Star OAV **** Sci-Fi short story about a girl separated from her childhood love by 8 light-years and alien combat. Astoundingly pretty animation.
Voltron Eps? ** ...and I'll form ... the head!
Weiss Kreuz Ep6,12-25 OAV1-2 **1/2 There is no point to this show other than pretty boys. But that's plenty for some people.
Welcome to the NHK Ep1-13,15-24a ***1/2 A shut-in is enticed out by a girl determined to "save" him.
Whisper of the Heart Mov ****1/2 Ghibli movie about growing up, Baron the cat, and "Country Road"
Wings of Honneamise Mov ***3/4 Beautifully animated early Gainax movie about fictional pioneering space program.
Witch Hunter Robin Ep1-3 ***1/2 Stylish gothic fluff from the Bebop team
Wolf Children Mov ***2/3 Charming story of raising two half-human kids
Wolf's Rain Ep1-5,8-14,19-30 ****       Also from the Bebop team; pretty boy werewolves seek paradise
X/1999 Mov *** Clamp does the apocalypse... dying pretty people left and right.
X TV1-2 *** TV adaptation of same; this one is slower, closer to the source...
xXxHolic Ep1-2 **? Clamp supernatural, with character designs taken to illogical extremes
Xabungle Ep1-2 ** old SF comedy with sandrats and mecha
Yagami-kun's Family Problem Ep1-2 *1/2 um, incest is best, put your... oh, nevermind
Yakitate! Japan Ep2-7,9-12,14-17,21 ***1/2 Yes, it's a shonen formula series about.. making bread! Yummy.
Yamato, Uchuu Senkan Mov1-5 c ***1/2 I think we're finally out of Matsumoto... this is the classic space opera.
Yami no Matsuei Ep1-11 ***1/2 Dead people, mostly pretty guys, work to keep death running smoothly.
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Ep3 **1/2? AKA "Look at My Big F*cking Hat". Um. Derived from a hentai game.
Yawara! Ep1-4,? ***1/2 (A Fashionable Judo Girl) ...nice 80's anime.
Yokohama Shopping Log Oav1-2 a *** Mellow. Very very mellow. Also pretty.
Yokohama SL: Quiet Country Cafe Oav1-2 a *** Continues to be mellow, even with a typhoon.
Yotoden Samurai Troopers       see Ronin Warriors
You're Under Arrest! OAV1-4 TV7 *** Pretty police department OAVs from the Ah! My Goddess people.
Zambot 3 Ep1 ***1/2 Possibly the most fun incredibly silly 70s giant robot kids show I've seen.
Zeta Gundam Mov1 ***1/2 Recent recompilation of the 80's Gundam sequel.
ZetsuAi OAV1-2 a *** Shounen-ai flick about an idol singer and a soccer player with... issues.
Zoids! Eps? **1/2 Piloting giant robo-beasts in never-ending tournament. At least the CG is pretty.
Zoids Chaotic Century Eps? *** Different characters, more involved plot, same robo-beasts
TOTAL NUMBER: close to 3725 episodes/OAVs/movies of 537 titles... approximately.

Also, some notable live-action...
Aim for the Ace Ep 1-3 *** The classic shoujou series gets the j-drama treatment
Akihabara@DEEP Ep 1-2 ***? Exciting adventures of nerds and outcasts
Densha Otoko Ep 1-12 a **** The longer format makes for my favorite of many adaptations
Cromartie High School Mov *** Almost matches the manga and anime for complete insanity
Galileo Ep 1 ***1/2 Antisocial physics professor solves weird crimes with physics!
Gokusen Ep 1-12 a ***1/2 Formulaic but awesome.
Gokusen 2 Ep 1-10 a **1/2 New pretty boys, but the formula's getting old.
Golden Time Ep 1 **1/2? Romantic comedy tropes happen at law school. Meh?
Gyakuten Saiban - Ace Attourney Mov ***1/2 A decent adaptation of the Phoenix Wright video game franchise
The Hero Yoshihiko Ep 1 ***? Parody adventure that's totally Dragon Quest
Koi no Mon: Otaku in Love Mov ***1/2 Goofy anime geeks find true love.
Moyashimon Ep 1-2 **1/2 The microbes are still adorable, but the acting is so over-the-top it hurts.
Mushishi Mov **3/4 Crams 3 or 4 stories from the anime/manga together, but still drags a bit
Nodame Cantabile Ep 1-3 ***1/2 Similar to the anime, but somehow with more cartoon violence.
Ping Pong Mov **** Who knew ping-pong could be so epic?
Sailor Moon Ep 1 **1/2 Oh, the cheese. Rubber suits ahoy.
Sakigake!! Otokojuku Mov *** Not far off from the anime, bursting with sheer manliness
Tekken: Blood Vengeance Mov *** CG. Not too bad for a movie based on a fighting game.
TOTAL NUMBER: another 52 episodes/OAVs/movies of 15 titles... approximately.

And just for the heck of it, here's manga I've read (incomplete, and usually way out of date)...

oh, and some artbooks etc. are at the bottom.

20th Century Boys GN 1-22 **** A time-skipping end-of-the-world mystery from Urusawa
3x3 Eyes ep ?-? ***1/2 modern day fantasy/horror involving tibetan immortals (MB)
Alien Nine GN 1-4 a? ***1/2 Increasingly disturbing tale of schoolgirls and symbiotic aliens
Azumanga Daioh GN 1-4 a **** A bunch of 4-komi that are too cute for words.
Battle Angle Alita (Gunnm) GN 1-9 a **** SF/action. The good bits are really good.
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order GN 1-15 ***1/2 Take the above, re-write the ending, keep going...
Battle Royale GN 1-15 a *** Ultra-violent series is morbidly intriguing.
Blade of the Immortal ep 1-cur c **** very pretty, violent samurai warrior piece
Bride's Story GN 1-3 **** More amazing art and great characters from Kaoru Mori.
Chibi Pop vols ? (various) ** very random low-profile manga anthology
Chicago ep 1-? a *** action and paramilitary intrigue in post-earthquake Tokyo (AX)
Chirality ep ? **1/2
Clover vol 1?(JP) new from Clamp... hard to say what genre
Chrono Crusade GN 1-5 ***? Pretty art; not sure if the plot will follow...
Cowboy Bebop GN 1 **1/2 Not as good as the TV series it's based on.
Dance Til Tomorrow GN 1-7 a *** Yeah, it's porn. But it has a plot. Honest.
Demon Diary GN 1-7 c a *** It's hard for a nice guy to be a demon lord.
Descendants of Darkness GN 1-11 c *** Salarymen of the afterlife keep people mucking with death in line.
Deus Vitae GN 1-3 a ** Incomprehensible SF from the author of some excellent porn doujinshi
Dragonball ep 1-? c *** Toriyama being funny
Dragonball Z ep 1-? c ** Toriyama catering to folks who like lots of fighting
Ecole du Ceil GN 1-8 ***1/2 Mikimoto's take on the Gundam UC timeline. Shojou-ish.
Eden GN 1-13 **** Rebels fight in the post-apocalypse of a devastating plague. Hella violent, but good characters.
Emma GN 1-7 +S **** The original version of the meticulously researched victorian romance.
Erica Sakurazawa 3 GNs ***? One-shot soap-opera-y shoujou books.
Excel Saga GN 1-14 *** Insane comedy, though not as genre-of-the-week as the TV vers.
FLCL GN 1-2 a ***1/2 Attempts to out-weird the OAV series, which is no mean feat.
Fushigi Yuugi ep 1-? *** popular historical fantasy (AX)
Galaxy Express 999 ep 1-? c *** that old Matsumoto space-opera goodness (A)
Genshiken GN 1-9 a **** This Is Your Anime Club. Goes beyond the anime.
Genshiken Second Season GN 1 **** More! We're actually like 4 years past the start at this point.
Great Teacher Onizuka GN 1-25 a ***1/2 aka GTO. Ex-biker punk becomes a teacher to pick up chicks.
Gunsmith Cats GN 1-3 *** guns, cars, and bounty hunters
Harlock Saga ep 1-? (online) *** Matsumoto discovers web-distribution
Here is Greenwood GN 1-9 a **** Awesome dorm hijinks. Way more than the anime.
Inital D GN 1 c **1/2 Kids race cars. Just as stupid yet somehow addictive as the TV series
Inu-Yasha ep 1.1-7.7 ***1/2 newer Takahashi, period fantasy
Jing, King of Bandits GN 1 **1/2 Fascinating world design, standard shounen non-plot?
Legal Drug GN 1-3 c *** slightly off-kilter, quite shounen-ai paranormal mystery from CLAMP.
Lupin III GN 1-4 ***1/2 Monkey Punch's early work has a certain MAD Magazine feel to it.
Magic Knight RayEarth GN1-6 a(US) ***1/2 Clamp fantasy. see anime entry.
Maison Ikkoku GN 1-14 a **** classic Takahashi sitcom
Marrionette Generation ep 1-? a *** a manga artist and a living doll... (AX)
Mermaid's Forest/Scar/Gaze GN 1-3 a *** Takahashi dark
Moyasimon GN 1-2 **** Tales of Agriculture and adorable microbes. Should continue past the anime run... if someone rescues the license please?
Mushishi GN 1-9? a **** Just like the anime, gorgeous tales of wandering spirit-ologist
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind GN 1-4(perf) a ***** Miyazaki brings his masterpiece to manga
Neon Genesis Evangelion ep 1-? *** adaptation of the TV series
Oh My Goddess! GN 1-42 **** Fujishima is cool
Pixie Junket GN 1 a? *** interesting SF/fantasy
Planetes GN 1-4.2 a **** Excellent human drama in near-future space.
Pluto GN 1-8 a **** Urusawa re-imagines an arc from Tezuka's Astro Boy. Awesome.
Q-Ko Chan GN 1-2 a *** By the manga artist for FLCL; makes even less sense.
Ranma 1/2 GN1-5 Ep1.1-12.1
*** canonical Takahashi martial-arts mayhem.
Read Or Die GN 1 **1/2 Sadly, a lot less coherent and stylish than the OAV series.
Revolutionary Girl Utena ep 1-? a **** A different take than the TV series.. (AX)
Robot Vol 1-4 **** Gorgeous full-color large-format compilation arranged by Range Murata
Rumic Theater GN 1-2 a ***1/2 collected Takahashi shorts, good stuff
Rumic World GN 1-3 a ***1/2 same as above
Saikano GN 1-7 a ***1/2 reportedly has a different ending than the TV series...
Seraphic Feather ep 1-? **1/2 SF. pretty people with psychic powers (MB)
Shadow Star ep 1-? *** girl meets starfish from outer space... (MB)
Short Program ep 1-? a? *** spiffy magical-realism shorts (AX)
Steam Detectives ep 1-? ** the title pretty much describes the genre (AX)
Suikoden III GN 1-11 a ***1/2 Follows the game closely while filling in additional back-story.
The World Exists for Me GN 1-2 ***? Aka "World of S & M", Ikuhara and Saito's latest madness.
Trigun GN 1-2,1-14 a ***1/2 Nightow's high-energy SF western.
Tuxedo Gin GN 1-5 *** Low-key comedy with a guy reincarnated as a penguin
Urusei Yatsura (LUM) GN 1-3, ep1.1-4.11
**** fun fun takahashi. see anime description.
Vampire Game GN 1-15 ca *** Vampires and royal intrigue and pretty people, oh my.
Vampire Princess Miyu ep ? **1/2 very artsy, different from OAVs
Video Girl Ai ep 1-> GN 14 ***1/2 angsty sitcom with a little SF. (AX)
What's Michael ep ?-? ***? random weirdness involving a cat (MB)
Welcome to the NHK GN 1-4 *** pulls-no-punches tale of the life of a pathetic geek
X/1999 ep ?-? *** apocalyptic Clamp (AX)
Yotsuba& GN 1-11 **** more fun from the creator of Azumanga Daioh
You're Under Arrest! GN 1-2 *** policewoman duo from Fujishima
Aa Megamisama! - ?   pretty pictures in front, then merchandise catalogue, then OAV screencaps, then design sketches.
Amano: the Complete Prints   stuff from all over Amano, including FF, Gatchaman, fantasy novels, random art, etc.
Angel Sanctuary - artbook 1?   many full-page drawings of pretty boys, wings, and swords.
Cowboy Bebop Characters Collection   One of the nicer Bebop books, with good pictures and great Engrish
Dawn   beautiful large-format Amano artbook of work from FF 1-3
Evangelion, photofile: Eve   art and sketches of female EVA characters
Final Fantsy IX [art and info]   Game art book with some info and an FF retrospective, from V-Jump magazine.
Final Fantasy Complete Works I-IV,VII-X   More incredibly detailed (untranslated) FF info than you can shake a Holy Lance at.
Laputa, movie picturebook   the movie picturebooks are aimed at kids, but have lots of nice movie screens
Nausicaa, movie picturebook   ...this one is in two volumes
Nausicaa, Miyazaki watercolors   beautiful original paintings and sketches for Nausicaa and related works.
Princess Mononoke, Art of   the "Art Of" is a long-running series of Ghibli art books
Ranma 1/2, Memorial Artbook   all kindsa' random Ranma stuff
Rurouni Kenshin - TV book 1?   screenshots, character and episode descriptions, up to beginning of Kyoto arc
Spirited Away, Art of   from Ghibli's "Art Of" series, this one a translated edition.
Tenku no Shiro Laputa, Art of   another from the "Art Of" series
Totoro, Art of   another from the "Art Of" series
Utena, This is Animation   mostly TV screenshots
Utena [Manga Watercolors]   More a portfolio than an artbook - oversize full-page illustrations by Chiho Saito.
Utena - Adolescence Mokushiroku   screens and commentary on the movie (Newtype?)
Yoshitaka Amano: Dawn   Really pretty Amano pics - concept art from Final Fantasy 1 through 4.

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