Kirin Mini-Review:

Three shorts (about 25min each) of gritty war dramas by classic anime legend Matsumoto. Though it's not his usual scenery, it's unmistakably Matsumoto: the characters all come from the Harlock, Emeraldas, and Tochiro molds, and the planes and other machinery are rendered in amazing detail. The aerial dogfight scenes boast some wonderful animation, and the characters spout that particular brand of heroism we all know and love from Matsumoto's earlier space dramas.

Some people criticize this OAV as being blatantly anti-American. While it's true that the first segment goes to great lengths describing the irredeemable evil of anyone who would actually use an atomic bomb, the second piece tempers things somewhat by emphasizing that wars are liable to make ordinary folks on both sides do crazy things.

All in all, an enjoyable Matsumoto outing, in that depressing-yet-uplifting "war is hell" kind of way.