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Félix Hernández-Campos

Ph. D. Student / Postdoctoral Researcher

Please note that I am not at UNC anymore. I got my Ph.D., finished my brief postdoc, and moved on to a research & development position in industry. If you still need to contact me, use the email address below, which should work for the foreseeable future.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Computer Science,
CB# 3175, Sitterson Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175
Email: fhernand at


My publications and other research output page provides a rather complete overview of my work and research interests during my time at UNC.

I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Mobile Networking Group between September 2004 and July 2005. Together with Maria Papadopouli, Haipeng Shen and others, I investigated the workload of large campus wireless LANs (UNC and Dartmouth), and greatly expanded the data collection capabilities at UNC (SNMP monitoring, packet traces and syslog messages). My work concentrated on system-wide characterization and modeling, and applying passive inference methods to packet header traces from wireless networks.

Although my interests span numerous areas within computer science, I concentrated my doctoral work in networking and distributed systems. In particular, I worked on traffic analysis and improving the state-of-the art in traffic generation for experimental networking researcher. My dissertation investigated new techniques for modeling and classifying Internet traffic mixes, and developed the abt model, a powerful way of describing network traffic at the source-level. I also developed novel ways of generating realistic traffic in simulations and testbed experiments (the tmix system). The rest of my work at UNC focused on web traffic, heavy-tails, long-range dependence, and visualization. I was co-advised by Kevin Jeffay and F. Donelson Smith. My work was partially supported by a fellowship from the Computer Measurement Group (CMG).

During my time at UNC, I also had very fruitful collaborations with many other researchers, but most especially with Andrew B. Nobel, J. S. Marron, and Cheolwoo Park, members of UNC's Department of Statistics and Operations Research. I especially enjoyed my participation in the Network Modeling For The Internet program at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI).


I taught COMP 144 Programming Language Concepts during Spring 2002. I am proud to say that the course materials I developed for this class have been reused in part or as a whole by instructors at McGill University, Shaw University, UNC Asheville, UNC Chapel Hill, and Xavier University.



Félix Hernández-Campos
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