Assignment: Hark the Sound

Hark the Sound is a simple sound game that is playable by kids who are blind.

Your assignment is:

  1. Read about it, download it, try it out.
  2. Propose a new game to implement with it. We’ll brainstorm game ideas on the 18th. Email your proposal to me no later than 8am on the 20th and I’ll give you feedback and approval to proceed with implementation.
  3. Implement your proposed game and be prepared to share it by 27 September 2 October.

The current implementation of Hark the Sound is flawed making sharing games unnecessarily difficult. I’ll bang out some kind of tool to package your games so that I can add the best of them to the Hark the Sound distribution.

10 Responses to “Assignment: Hark the Sound”

  1. ChristyS Says:

    I might have downloaded it wrong but I can not seem to get the program to work correctly on my computer!

  2. SarahT Says:

    I tried downloading the game several times and I couldn’t get it to work either!

  3. Gary Says:

    Has anyone successfully downloaded it? Post a comment here if it works for you.

  4. LalithaK Says:

    I have successfully downloaded it.

  5. ChristyS Says:

    I have now Successfully downloaded it…mine was a simple misunderstanding…I didn’t know to push the side arrow buttons ^_^.

  6. ChaseJ Says:

    I have successfully downloaded Hark the Sound.

  7. ChaseJ Says:


    In order for the game to work with .wav files, you must put them into the “Sounds” folder in the program file….. here is how it works:
    1. Go to “My Computer”
    2. Select “C: Drive” (or it might say UNC Preload)
    3. Select “Program Files”
    4. Select “Hark the Sound”
    5. Select the “Sounds” folder
    There, you will see the sounds for the various games. Just create a new folder, named something relevant to the game you are creating, and save sound files in that folder every time you download or save a file. It’s easier than it sounds; when you go to save the sound, just follow the instructions above and save the sound in the folder you created.

    P.S. Someone had asked me about getting sound files off the internet…. usually you can just right-click on the link to the sound and select “save file as” and follow the process above.

    Hope this helps!

  8. ChaseJ Says:

    Sorry I kind of forgot to explain how to get the game to read from that folder; here is how that woks:
    when making the game, for the question or for the prompt you need a sound for, hit “add sound”. Then, find the program file for Hark the sound, the sounds folder, and then your sound folder (you created). Then, simply select a sound you put in it.

    This was a little simpler!

    Hope this Helps!

  9. Gary Says:

    ChristyS found another problem with Hark that others might run into. It will silently fail to play stereo sounds! Ack! If you have some sounds that won’t play, right click on the sound file and look at the properties. If it says stereo (or 2 channels) that is the problem. The free sound editor “Audacity” is a great tool for editing sound, it can change them to mono, amplify and lots of other things too.

  10. ShaneD Says:

    Not being a part of this class, I would be very interested in seeing some of the finished products? (seeing as the final cut off is tomorrow.)

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