Project technology requirements

As I understand them. Just making notes to keep me straight. Let me know if I’ve got this wrong.

BethanyJ, ChaseJ, ChristyS: Music creation using pad and/or camera “TechNote”

  • DDR Pad
  • Adapter
  • Camera
  • MusicPad and CamKeys software

BrennaC, CatherineC, RyanS: Tennis

  • Camera
  • MusicPad and CamKeys software

DanielB, ElizabethK, LizzyR, SarahT: Drums

  • DK Bongos (or Rock Band Drum set)
  • Game Cube adapters
  • MusicPad software

RandyS, WaltJ: Light Saber Practice

  • MusicPad software

MaggieS, RhiannonL: Guitar Hero (hopefully with vibration)

  • KeyMotor software
  • Vibrator motors with USB DIO box
  • Frets on Fire software

AshleyA, JayH: 2 pad Simon with musical notes

  • Super Dual Box Pro adapter
  • 2 DDR pads
  • MusicPad software

AlishaA, JasmineG, LalithaK: Bop it

  • MusicPad software
  • CamKeys software
  • Camera

BrennaK, SaraW: Tactile Maze

  • Hacked version of Pyramid Puzzles to correspond to your maze?
  • AMaze software?

Do any of you have cameras you can use?

Everyone plan on bringing your laptop to Maze Day with your game installed and ready to run. We’re going to need all the computers we can get!

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  1. ShaneD Says:

    I saw a mension of Pyramid Puzzles in there? If you need anything related to that, feel free to contact me, as I designed that last year.

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