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Due Dates

Thursday, November 18th, 2010


We’ll have Show and Tell for projects in the last two classes Dec 2 and 7. Here are your time slots:

December 2

Sign language matching: Bethany B.
Faces: Philip B, Hunter C
Alphabet Sounds: Katy C, John W
Spell Man: Brooke D, Hunter P
Face Matching Cards: Erin H., Kelby L.

December 7

Tactile puzzles: Ashley A,
Tactile books: Kristin A, Alexandra A, Will B, Tyler D, Logan G, Jackie I, Matt K, William L, Claire P, Abel T
Face matching computer game: Rob D
Matching game content: Stephen H
Flip-it: Ethan O

I’ve grouped people doing similar things together but I understand that you may be working independently and you may show and tell independently.

You have about 10 minutes to present your project.

Your project is due to me no later than noon on 16 December .


Your papers are due to me on 3 December . I’ll get feedback to you by early the next week. Then your revised version will be due no later than noon on 16 December .

Projects and Papers

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

With about a month to go in the semester we better get going on projects and papers .

Discuss Through Deaf Eyes

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Discuss the video Through Deaf Eyes by adding a comment to this post. Due 9 Nov 2010.

You’ll find lots of good info at the PBS site including a transcript and discussion guide .

To help guide the discussion, consider these questions:

  1. Did your perceptions of deafness change watching this story?
  2. What segments did you like best? Feel free to use the transcript to help you remember them.
  3. Were you surprised that the students took over the school? That they hot wired the buses?

Feel free to include anything else that interested or challenged you.

Service opportunity making tactile books

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Diane Brauner has a great idea for making beginning literacy kits for kids who are blind. I know several of you are looking for service opportunities, so contact me for her email address to learn about the project.