Problem Set 2 on the Instruction Set

Problem Set 2 will help you wrestle with the instruction set concepts in the next lectures. These are due before class on Thursday 1 February. Solutions

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  1. john batchelor Says:

    I have two questions
    1. If we are turning the problem sets in via email do you want us to email them to you or to the TA?
    2. Also do you want us to type up all our work, or just the answers?

  2. gb Says:

    Write up your answers and any part of your work that you think will help the TA give you partial credit. You can email them to the TA or turn in paper to me. Either works. I hate to write but if you’ve already written the answer out, it seems wasteful to type it in.

    Do the thing that is most efficient for you. If you want to turn in paper, that is fine. If you want to type in your work and answers and email them, that is fine too.

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