Honor Code

  • CS Dept Guidelines for Programming Assignments
  • UNC Honor Code (The “ Instrument ”)
  • Further instructions for this class:
    1. You are encouraged and expected to discuss the material in class and all assignments with fellow students in this class.
    2. You are permitted to discuss all aspects of the assignments with anyone.
    3. Solutions for nearly all homework and programs will distributed about a week after the due date. You are not permitted to use the homework or program solutions from previous semesters, nor to share the ones received in this course with Comp 411 students in future semesters.
    4. You are encouraged and permitted to discuss and cooperate on all written assignments, but you are expected to write and understand all material that you submit.
    5. You are prohibited from posting answers to questions from the textbook on the web where they will be accessible to students at other universities.
    6. You are encouraged to discuss all programming assignments, but not your solutions.