Gary Bishop

F06 Other Readings

Other readings for this semester include:

Chapters from James Coggins unfinished manuscript, copyright 2001.

Fundamental Properties of Medical Image Perception by Stephen M. Pizer and Bart M. ter Haar Romeny.

Splines and wavelets for medical imaging by Michael Unser.

Chapter 8 from Functional Data Analysis by J.O. Ramsay and B.W. Silverman.

Notes on Lines and Text by Greg Welch.

Animating Rotation with Quaternion Curves by Ken Shoemake.

Excerpts from Front-End Vision and Multi-Scale Image Analysis and Chapter 21 of same by Bart M. ter Haar Romeny.

Chapters from Pizer, Siddiqi, and Yuskevich.

Multifrequency Channel Decompositions of Images and Wavelet Models by Stepahne G. Mallat.